MTV VMAs 2012 Red Carpet Fashion Report

The MTV Video Music Awards is one of the most anticipated award shows in the music industry. It aims to recognize the most popular and successful music videos during the past year. And this year is no different in that celebrities and music artists are going all-out in order to end up home with the moon man. However, the red carpet fashion at the 2012 MTV VMAs is one of the sidelights to the show. Indeed, fans tune in to see who wore what at the MTV VMAs red carpet. 

Word of caution though: don't keep your hopes up. This year's red carpet fashion at the 2012 MTV VMAs was a snooze. Except for a few, fashion at the 2012 VMAs was nothing exceptional. Check out for yourself below:


These were the celebrities that neither stood out nor disappointed. In the world of MTV VMAs fashion, that just isn't good enough. 

I love that Rihanna tried to infuse some glamour into her look, but there is something amiss about the dress. Or, it must be the hair? Not sure what's lacking in her outfit but something is. On the other hand, Katy Perry's look was a little too toned down to a point of being boring. Same goes for Taylor Swift. This getup has aged her tremendously.

What I appreciate though is Demi Lovato's edgy style. She looked gorgeous in the bedazzled mini dress topped with leather jacket and paired with hoof-like boots. It's just that she was outshone by what I believe is the best dressed star on the 2012 MTV VMAs red carpet.

Worst Dressed at 2012 MTV VMAs

 Nicki Minaj, while she might be known for her outrageous getup, was a little too excited for Halloween at the MTV VMAs red carpet. And bodysuits are completely worn out. She might want to consider something new next time she steps out on the red carpet.

Best Dressed at 2012 MTV VMAs
Zoe Saldana was a picture of perfection in this pink feathery frock she wore to the VMAs red carpet. Her tousled locks and strappy sandals help bring out more edginess into this already fashionable ensemble. Gorgeous!!

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