Sultry Sunday

I don’t usually go out on Sundays but this last weekend, I wanted to unwind and went to the salon with the boyf. I took advantage of the opportunity to wear my newest purchase: white peep toe pumps.

I opted for a smart yet chic look by pairing my pastel sheer top with skinny jeans and the peep-toe pumps. Love the snakeskin texture on my pumps, too, for an added dose of fierceness into the ensemble. The leaf drop earrings from Love Diva and a floral bangle completed this look. I love how this ensemble was very comfy to wear!

Top: Invogue/ Pants: Thrifted / Shoes: Monokini / Bangles: G-Mall / Earrings: Love Diva

PS: These were the last photos of me before heading to the salon. Can’t wait to share with you my new hair and other styling ideas in the future. 

What about you? How was your weekend?  XO

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