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Early this year, I got to travel to Boracay for the first time with the boyf and a few friends. To say I loved every minute of this vacation is an understatement. Boracay is amazing. I can see why foreigners from all over the world flock here. The beach and the sand are fantastic! It feels like powder and very fine – in fact, I prefer walking on it barefoot as opposed to wearing my flip flops while scouring the beach when I was there. Ah, just thinking about there makes me want to hop on a plane and spend a lazy weekend in Boracay.

Because we stopped over at Iloilo airport and took a long ride at the van to the island of Aklan, where the port heading to Boracay is at, I kept my ensemble comfy for this particular trip. I wore a pink plaid top over a white spaghetti strap and denim shorts.

For my footsies, I had my Mendrez strappy sandals on to keep my ensemble chic. Trying to be comfy while traveling does not mean that you should let your style right out of the window entirely. No, not me.

I love this crew, such camwhores. Check out after the jump for pics of my travel ensemble, as well as some of the group I was traveling with.

sipping on our welcome drinks :)
changed into my flip flops for the gorgeous beach :)

How about you? What’s your style essential when traveling? I’d love to hear them. XO

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