Wedding Ensemble

Online shopping is my recent addiction. With work taking up much of my daily routine, I find it difficult to set aside time and go to the mall and do my shopping. Hence, I simply log into my computer and do most of my shopping there. In some cases, it has been a hit-and-miss scenario but I’m glad that majority of my online purchases had been excellent. That is also why I tend to rely on trusted vendors to guarantee quality of the material that I get.

The cute mustard dress that I recently wore to a friend’s wedding is something that I also purchased online in one of my favorite online sellers. When I first saw this dress, I knew I had to have it! Its sheer simplicity does not take anything away from its elegance. The texture of the fabric also renders more character to the dress. And I love that the color coincided with the wedding’s motif, so I decided right there and then that I am going to buy it and wear for the occasion.

I paired this dress with my favorite glittery pumps (of which you might remember I previously blogged about here), which makes the entire ensemble really feminine yet chic. I kept my accessories minimal, wearing only my aqua drop earrings from For You Glamour and my Timex watch that the boyf gifted to me last Christmas, because I wanted the dress to become the highlight of my outfit. My makeup artist decided to curl the ends of my hair and then put it in a side bun, which worked really well for my entire look.

w/ the bridesmaids :)
What did you think of the outfit? Any ideas on what to wear to a wedding? Let’s hear them!

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  1. nice legs, abs! haha didn't know you had a fashion blog. ;)

    1. I just started this over a month ago, Kat. Thanks for checking! haha :)

      PS: Time to unleash my inner "kikay" and fashionista. :p

    2. I had fun reading your posts, I swear! Will be checking for new posts every now and then. :*


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