Blogger 101: Am I A Blogging Addict?


Before I put you off, I'd like to confess right here and now: I think I'm addicted to blogging. A couple or more years ago, fashion blogging was not such a big deal to me. I started it to provide an outlet for my love for fashion and all things related. In fact I probably posted about once in two weeks, or a week (if I'm not being lazy) at that time. I'm sure the blogging gods will despise me for that but hey I've come a long way.

Today, I am grateful and thankful for the steady stream of readers. And I do love the interactivity that comes with the whole blogging experience. Even though I do not promptly respond to the comments on my blog (or social media), I do read them as soon as I am notified on my e-mail (thank you, from the bottom of my heart). This and more have accumulated to develop more enjoyment for blogging. What was once a hobby has now become an extension of myself. As of now, I cannot imagine taking out blogging from my routine - which is impressive given how busy I already am with work. I still manage to squeeze in time to write posts for my blog.

You can therefore call me a blogging addict and I wouldn't argue with you on that. So, how do you know if you are addicted to blogging? Here are tell tale signs:

1. You find yourself constantly planning about what you want to do with your blog within the next 6 months or a year. Okay, this could just be me. My OCD strikes again. But yes, I do have short- and long-term goals for my blog. And I believe that any serious blogger should to. You've already invested so much time and effort into your blog, so why not dream big and aim for the next step, right?


2. You are constantly thinking up possible blog ideas. You might be at work, on commute or just reading other people's blogs - it will always go back to your own blog. What posts should I write this week? When will I shoot the photos for m post? The posts are the heart of your blog. Hence, you find yourself constantly brainstorming ideas.

3. You are worried about dud posts. It's embarrassing to admit but there are times wherein your posts prove to be a dud. It can be frustrating, too, given that you spent hours putting the post together... but then your readers do not share the same level of interest as you do about it. Just move on from it. It's not the end of your blogging career!

4. You are always on social media - either connecting with other bloggers or promoting your blog. It's fine. Social media has become somewhat of an extension to your blog.

If you pass the criteria above, then you are a certified blogging addict. But don't fret - if you enjoy every minute of the blogging experience, then it's still a good thing. As the famous quote says, "Do what you love and never work a day in your life." While it is true to some extent, blogging is undeniably a lot of work. But being happy with it and enjoying the experience that you get to share with your readers make every work you've put in worthwhile.

Do you consider yourself a blogging addict?



  1. Yes I consider myself a blogging addict, I love it. I love working on my blog and reading other blogs. I didn't know what I did with my time before I blogged!! Great post.


    1. I completely agree Sarah, I have no idea what I did with my time before I started blogging but I can happily say I'm so glad I started it!

      Beth x
      Blogger Of The Week Interview With Taylor Mackenzie

  2. hahah, Girl, I just asked myself that same exact thing yesterday! :p Anways. Lovely blog. And I hope you can check out mine now too. I actually have a giveaway going on right now! :) I hope you can enter and let me know what you think about my bloggie.


  3. I totally agree with this! Two and three especially resonate with me!

  4. lovely post, i enjoyed reading it :) i can relate, especially with #2 and #4 :)****

  5. I'd love to be a blogging addict but my 'real life' actually takes me away from it a lot. There are so many bloggers that I love and wish I had more time to really interact with them daily. I love that you are still in love with the blog life! Keep up the good work!

  6. Blogging is so addicting! It's so fun and it's a great way to "meet" people!


  7. I often can go into different stores and imagine dozens of blog material- but let's be real.. I love it! :)

  8. You are definitely spot on with most of these! The only one that doesn't really relate to me is the one about planning posts months in advance. But that's just because it's not really my style ha ha. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  9. I think I am a blogging addict too. :) Thankfully it's so fun!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. I absolutely love this post and all those criteria apply to me (oops!), so I guess I am a blog addict! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, gorgeous!

    xx Julianna
    IG @julianna_claire

  11. What a sweet post! I can relate :)

  12. I started my blog in 2011 and I love every second of it. It's like an online journal! I was getting a little discouraged because I wasn't gaining any followers. Then I started to lose inspiration and I stopped for a little bit. When I came to college last year, though, I found it to be an awesome outlet and so I started it up again! I love my blog and it makes me so sad when blogs that I read daily suddenly stop posting. Cheers to you!

  13. uh oh - I think I may addicted to blogging too :) It's truly become a passion of mine and something that I spend so much time working on & thinking about!

    XO, Michelle Paige


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