Shoespie Tips: How to Wear Platform Shoes

Let's be straightforward - platform heels are not suited for everybody. They are cool and super daring. But no matter how stylish platform shoes look, they can be a challenge to wear. Deciding what to wear with platform shoes is one of the biggest fashion questions women face. And how do you keep it from looking ridiculous? If you pull it off, you can wear platform sandals or heels and make them look chic and comfortable. 

Wear it during summer. Platform shoes, such as wedges and sandals, are great addition to your summer wardrobe. Wearing heels during summer might not be the smartest idea. But with platform sandals, you can add a few inches to your height and make your summer outfit look a little more dressed up than usual. Choose styles that are complementary to your summer outfit such as bright colors or floral patterned ones to add some funk without compromising comfort.

Keep them understated. One of the things that make platform shoes difficult to wear is that they create quite a statement. But you can downplay your style by opting for understated styles. If you are intimidated to try this particular shoe trend, then you can opt for ones with minimal accents or neutral colored ones.

Choose soles made out of corks. They are suited for summer and more forgiving on your feet, especially during summer wherein you are going to spend a lot of time walking around.

Platform Sandals

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Platform Heels

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With the styling tips above and the platform shoes I've picked, you will hopefully be inspired to try this shoe trend. You can see more platform heels and sandals at

How would you wear this type of shoe?

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  1. I love the look of platform shoes but to be honest, they're so hard to walk in!!


  2. Love all of these gorgeous shoes! They are definitely great for summer :)

  3. Ohh i love platform shoes.'It is very comfy.
    Love this inspos.

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  4. couldn't be more obsessed with those shoes

  5. I LOVE platform sandals *_* so cool in summer and make your legs so beautiful :)

  6. So be honest, these kinda scare me - I'm afraid of breaking an ankle in a heel that's too high!

  7. I'm not a huge fan of the platform trend. I love a high heel but when you add the platform it looks a little too Vegas for my taste
    -Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde


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