Friday, February 12, 2016

Wishlist: Spring/Summer Dresses

At the start of 2016, the El Nino phenomenon has brought on summer-like heat in January. Hence, I was excited to get an early start on summer shopping because I predict temperature will continue its rise in the coming months. With higher temperature, my natural inclination is to go for light and comfortable dresses. I am looking for dresses made with light, soft and breathable fabric. I've listed a few designers who manufacture summer and spring dresses that would come in handy with the scorching heat:

9seed Dresses
Free People Dresses
Joie Dresses
Mara Hoffman Dresses
ONE by PinkStitch Dresses
Pia Pauro Dresses
Susana Monaco Dresses

Which of these designers fit into your spring/summer style? Don't forget to share which pieces you are going to add to your summer wardrobe!


  1. lovely dresses, I'm suffering with el niño too!

    lu | Giveaway at Coco & Louis

  2. They're all super cute, I love Free People dresses <3

    Pink Wings

  3. Such a nice wishlist dear! All of these dresses are perfect for summer! :)

    I'm following you on GFC :)

  4. Can spring come any sooner?? I want that Joie white dress!


  5. Love your maxi dress choices. I can't wait to break out the dresses!

  6. Pia Pauro dresses look beautiful! ;)

    Rakel ♥

  7. LOVE all of these! Shopping for my upcoming vacation right now & have been looking for cute summer dresses


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