Elie Saab Spring 2013 Collection: My Fash Picks

In the world of fashion, very few designers consistently deliver quality and revolutionary pieces that are capable of starting a trend. One of them is Elie Saab, whose designs had been seen worn by many celebrities and A-listers on the red carpet. I can’t blame them – this Lebanese designer always pulls off some tricks off of his sleeve, causing the rest of the fashion industry to take notice. Case in point: the Spring 2013 collection from the designer house.

I love the monochromatic designs that are a combination of edgy, fun, and dramatic. I’ve been drooling at the pics from the runway so I might as well share my top picks to you here. 

Love the color and the cut. It is the perfect choice for daywear. Who says designer creations are perfect only for the runway?


I’m obsessing over the patterns. This dress can surely turn a few heads, too.

Such bold color. And the sophisticated vibe it gives off.

Perfect for an evening soiree or gathering. It also creates the illusion of a silhouette and curves, even when you don’t have it.

Just gorgeous.

What a statement wear!

To view the entire Elie Saab Spring 2013 collection, you can visit here. Which of these are your favorite? 


*All images credit to www.style.com


  1. every detail are so great and so beautiful, it's realy-realy great design.

  2. gorgeous collection, saab can never do any wrong!!
    awesome blog, i'm now following! follow back if you like xox

    1. Sure, Louisa. I would love to follow you back :) Thanks for dropping by ;)

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  4. Really like these! Now following you.



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