Bowling Day

Note: This is a late post.

A few months back, the boyf and I went to a local bowling alley (B3 at NCCC Mall) because we both wanted to give bowling a shot. I admit, it was a nerve-wracking experience because it was my first time. But we were anticipating to have some good time and that is exactly what we got. I never thought bowling was that hard! It sure does look quite easy to me - apparently not!

I wore the blue, floral cropped top that I got from Sophia's Closet and paired it with my gray tank top underneath (I was not ready to show a bare midriff just yet, LOL). This is more like my casual Saturday date getup, really. I like to keep things casual and comfy. 

As we went into the bowling alley, I was made to wear these unattractive shoes (oops! no euphemism for that). But I can't deny these are really comfy. Check out below to see the shoes I'm talking about and the rest of my ensemble...

After bowling, we had dinner at Swiss Deli and it was truly a wonderful dine. They have great food and service!

Before leaving, I had this pic of me taken at their landmark. You can see it at my About Me page, too.

Have you tried bowling before? Was it as fun as my experience?  


  1. Hi Hun!
    I am a horrible bowler, haha but you look great!
    Love that blouse on you!
    XOX Angela
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  2. Hey hun thanks for the comment on my blog I would love to follow each other I'm now following you :),Also running a GIVEAWAY on my blog open to everyone! check it out.

    1. Heading over to yours :) I will check out the giveaway. Thanks xx

  3. beautiful post!!Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog... and yes let's follow each other. I'm already following you.

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

  5. Haha, my boy and I also go bowling sometimes :) it's a good way to hangout! I love your floral top, you're such a chic bowler!

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    1. Hi Giulia, thanks for the follow ;) Checking yours now.

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    1. Hey Kath! Thanks for the love :) Following you now :)

  8. I love bowling and always have fun whenever we go. Your outfit is very cute.


  9. I haven't been bowling in so long, I really should go bowling again one of these days! Yes I would love to follow each other! Thank you for the lovely comment, your blog is adorable!


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