For The Love of Sheer

Sheer tops are one of my favorite trends this year. This type of fabric is super easy to wear because it is lightweight and comfortable. It is perfect for all shapes and sizes, too, because of the loose quality to the fabric. I love wearing it on light jeans and shorts because it gives out that laid back and casual vibe to your whole look.

Recently, I picked out a new one when I dropped by the For Me boutique at SM Lanang. This is one of my favorite places to shop because their items offer the perfect combination of feminine and sophisticated designs. The other day, the boyf and I had this conversation about a zombie apocalypse and if there is one shop I would raid, For Me is no doubt on my list. How random.

On a Saturday night, we went out for a dinner date at a new burger joint in the city. Here is what kept us busy after.

Top: For Me | Jeans: Crissa | Flats: Celine | Earrings: ForYou Glamour

Closer look

I sure can't wait to take advantage of the discount card that was given me on my latest purchase at For Me. Ha! 
Are you as obsessed as I am with sheer? What's your take on my casual ensemble?

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  1. This sheer top is really pretty. I love the prints and also you look good with this skinny pants. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the sweet thoughts. Of course we can follow each other and stay in touch. Let me know and I will gladly return the favor.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Sam :) Followed you now!


  2. adorable outfit doll, following GFC :)

  3. love your shirt <3

    - A.


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