Home Decor Essentials

I have been obsessing over buying home décor and accent pieces over the past month or so. There has been a lot of work that is being done in our new home and putting together décor ideas is a lot of fun! Thus, I thought about curating a few home décor pieces that I found online to help out those who are also like me, busy decorating your home. 

Leaning Shelves / Standing Lamp / Cushion --> Shop them here
Navy Bowed Shagreen Chest / Azure Chair
Blue Burst Mirror / Pink Flamingo Wall Art / Starburst Clock

I was contemplating the thought of blogging about our home décor journey. But let’s see how that will shape up… but one thing is for sure, I will be sharing bits and pieces of our home’s progress here.

Which of these home décor pieces do you think I should get?


  1. the pink flamingo print is my favorite! i've been on a home decor kick too!

    cute & little

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. You asked the wrong person...I think you should get all of them:) Loving those leaning shelves, so fun!


  4. I love the leaning shelves and the chest! Would look so great in my house :) great choices!

    - Che


  5. I love the starbust watch! So cool!


  6. The mirror and the clock are fab! Great choices :)
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  7. Oh man, I can't wait to get back to California where we'll be getting our own place again (instead of sharing with with his parents). I have many visions for decorating. You should totally blog about what you find and your decor progress!


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