Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day always sneaks up on me. Hence, I made a firm decision this year to plan ahead for a perfect gift idea for my mom. It's been a tough past year or so with her health issue, but she is holding up well. I think that most of us should be spending more time to show them how much we care and appreciate them, not just during Mother's Day. But it is the perfect excuse to splurge a little and pamper them. 

Here are some of the gift ideas I have been contemplating on this year:

10. Digital Scrapbooking Online Class. Moms are always notorious for taking pictures and scrapbooking all of their kids' photos from special occasions, or even from everyday adventures. Help them preserve those memories in a digital scrapbook, which they can learn great techniques from in this beginner's class. It will be interesting to tell the story of your family's life via a digital scrapbook.

9. Resort Eyeshadow Palette. This eyeshadow set contains eight shades, one blush shade, and liquid highlighter for the complete eye makeup look exhibiting the rich and warm tones of the resort season. Shades such as Midori, Neela, Topaz, and Moonbeam represent the ocean-like hues that the season is best known for.

8. Teal Satin Nursing Pajamas. Make your mom feel like royal with this satin sleepwear that will surely give her a good night's sleep. After all of the nursing she does at home, it's only appropriate to give her a good night's sleep.


7. NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor & Blender. For health-conscious moms, or those who simply care about healthy living at home, this is the ideal gift. This extractor and blender set allows you to quickly whip up healthy drinks made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. Elle Felicity Pleat Wristlet. Trendy moms will love this wristlet because it looks fabulous, handy, and chic. It also comes with a silver tone hardware that enhances the look.

5. Wood Jewelry Box. Moms that love to collect jewelry will surely find this delicately designed jewelry box useful in the bedroom. In addition to organizing your jewels and accessories in one compact storage, it is also stylish addition to your bedroom decor.

4. Fekkai Shea Butter Starter Kit. The ultimate gift to pamper the most important woman in your life. It comes with the Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo, Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner, and Shea Butter Damage Protecting Hair Mask. It is the perfect kit for managing your hair and deeply nourish it.

3. Makeup complete brush kit. This kit contains 12 professional makeup brushes so your mom can get creative with her makeup, whether for everyday or occasional makeup. If your mom loves wearing makeup, this would be a hit with her!

2. Chaps Buckle Satchel. This is a gorgeous bag that will make your mom happy to tote around. It comes with a contrast stitching that gives off an edgy style while there is a hint of shine from the silver-tone hardware. The color also gives a pop into any outfit. Trendy moms, this is for you!

1. Crystal Infused Love Express. Want to pamper your mom this Mother's Day? This perfume features a sexy, signature scent that features notes from tiare blossoms, vanilla, and blackberry. Plus, the packaging is glamorous too!

What are you buying your mom this Mother's Day?



  1. These are great gifts!! I really want a NutriBullet! Maybe I'll have to hint that to my husband ;)

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, also! I'm so glad I found your great blog :)


    1. Thanks Megan. You should! That seems like a great item for moms!


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