Fash Interview: Invogue Collections

A little retail therapy once in a while won't hurt the soul. But at some point, indulging in retail shopping will definitely hurt your pocket (especially if you're an impulse buyer, like me). The best I could do during these instances is to stay away from places that would compel me to shop because I'm not very good at talking myself out of these situations.

Good thing I found this online shop that allows me to indulge without going overboard on my budget. Invogue Collections is a Facebook-based online shop that has been around for over a year now. I've only been buying from them this year but I have picked up a few great pieces that are among my wardrobe favorites. Hence, I decided to feature them on this blog to get some insights into how they choose the pieces they sell at the shop and a few other questions that I'm sure most of you are dying to ask or know the answers to. Read on for excerpts of my interview..

How and where did the idea for Invogue Collections started?

I love every little thing about Fashion - colors, styling, pretty things and the way it makes you feel. It started when my cousin visited our house. We were looking at several online shops and suddenly, an idea hit me. Why not start our own? A multitude of creative thoughts and propositions took place then and there... The next day, the hunt for clothes began. It happened so fast but I knew that I would be in for the long haul.
Who is behind Invogue Collections? Can you give us a bit of background?

My cousin, Pat Cabiling, and I started it. Unfortunately, as time went by, her studies demanded more and more of her schedule and had to leave InVogue. By September of 2011, my mother, Diana Cervantes Ruiz, joined the team. She handled the meet-ups and deliveries of the products.

How do you pick the items that are included in your online shop?

Our shop houses both brand new and vintage items. We are very particular in every piece that we pick for the shop. Every time I shop clothes for InVogue, I ask myself: Does this fit in our criteria? Will my market wear something like this? Is it in vogue / fashionable? Does it make a statement?

What is/are the biggest challenge/s you face in running an online shop?

The top three challenges that I encounter in running an online shop are: 1.) time, 2.) joy reservers/bogus buyers, 3.) weather. Creating your own shop online is the easy part, but building the brand is a different story. It entails a lot (and I mean a LOT) of time and dedication on your part...However, I learned how to deal with it already and manage to stay stress-free.  Lastly, shooting outdoor can become very challenging because of the weather. After an hour or two of make-up and preparations, we only get to shoot less than ten clothes because the rain fell.

Can you introduce us to your models?

My sister, Juli-an Ruiz, and cousin, Keziah Cervantes, supported us from the very start. I am so grateful to them! I don't think we can reach this far without their help. My sister is a second year Marketing student from Ateneo. Hopefully, she will help me run the business when my mom retires. My cousin, Kaye, is special. Believe it or not, she is deaf and mute but impressively, she understands and plays her part more than I have ever imagined! She is very professional and dedicated.

And who does the styling and make up for them?

I do the make-up for the both of them. The styling is combined efforts from both my sister and I. 

What do you think has helped your online business to grow as quickly as it did?

It is a work in progress but cliche as it sounds, it is what it is because of extreme hard work, dedication, passion, patience and consistency... [W]e make sure that every piece they get is worth the money they worked hard for. I believe in exercising the practicality in fashion and that every woman should learn how to maximize her cash by shopping at the right place.

Any tips for those who wish to start their own online shop?

Give your all. You can't start an online shop and leave it unattended for days or release a collection only every few weeks. You need to look after it like it's your baby - check it, take care of it and treat it not because it's a responsibility but because you love what you do. You don't have a "day off" from work, because your shop is open online 24/7! 

What else can we expect from Invogue Collections in the near future? 

InVogue will soon import hand-picked clothes from Bangkok, Hong Kong and Korea. I will personally go abroad to search and shop for the current trend! I am so excited because my first trip will be this November. I have more to offer, and I look forward to sharing my ideas and style to all women out there! With God's grace, we will open a store soon. Watch out for it!

Any information you'd like for your clients to know?

We upload new stocks weekly! Check out our Facebook page for more information. You can also get updates from our Instagram (@invoguecollections) and Twitter (@invogueshop) accounts. 

I know I speak in behalf of many girls in Davao, and in the Philippines in general (they do ship nationwide), that Invogue Collections has made the dream of staying fashionable within the budget come true. This online shop has become my ultimate guilty pleasure. Check them out and I'm sure you will fall in love with their pieces, too.


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