Missing Summer

The holiday season is already on the horizon and I can feel the weather start to get a bit more colder. Also, I am more than ready to begin my holiday shopping. But aside from the holiday season, summer has got to be my favorite season of the year. I am a true-blue beach bum. I can spend my days along the beach just reading a good book, having a dip, or just to lay in the sand. 

The idea of summer brings back to me my favorite vacation so far - Boracay. The beach is extremely beautiful and since I got back I haven't stopped dreaming of my return trip. Have I mentioned I love sundresses? Hence, this season and being near a body of water gives me the perfect opportunity to sport my flowy fabrics and floral dresses. Summer is clearly the most fashionable season in my book.

Check out below for a photo diary of my Summer '12, as well as my birthday trip to Pearl Farm, to get a glimpse into my summer style.  

Before island hopping in Boracay
On the boat while island hopping
The boyf doing some wall climbing.. so jealous!
Resting my feet while shopping at DMall Boracay / Dress: Isis
Night at the beach
Pearl Farm on our 5th anniversary

Leaving Pearl Farm :((
Love the beach at night

Gorgeous shoreline..

I just had to post this beautiful sunset...
 Do you share my love for summer? What's your favorite vacation ever?
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