Fash Find: Peacock Beaded Clutch Bag from The-Artful-Bag

I am very particular about the bags that I use, so if you happen to
check out my closet, you'd discover that I've stocked up quite a few
of them. I always get the raised eyebrow from my boyf whenever I spot
a new bag and show enthusiasm because he thinks I have way too many
bags already.. but any girl knows that you have to have a bag for
every occasion (do I see nods in agreement over there?).

So, when I discovered about The-Artful-Bag
via their Twitter account, I just got
intrigued. I paid their website a visit and was blown away at what I
found. A few years ago, I must have stuck with the classic leather
pieces that are bought mainly for utility – you know, the bag that can
carry all your girly essentials to survive the day. But the pieces I
found at The-Artful-Bag are just too cute to resist.

This Peacock Beaded Clutch Bag
, in
particular, caught my attention. Peacocks are known for their
beautiful and colorful feathers; hence, you can expect the same with
this uniquely styled bag. The vintage colors and bead details render a
classic feel to this bag, yet its use of bold colors also make it
ideal for modern women of today. The satin lining, meanwhile, provide
a delicate touch that makes it a good fit for an evening soiree or any
corporate gathering. If you put this bag on, no doubt you will be
turning a few heads!
If you would like to take advantage of their free worldwide shipping
offer on all products, make sure to head on over to The-Artful-Bag
website here
to get more info.
They have an extensive selection of luxury bags, such as beaded clutch
bags, Swarovski  crystal clutch bags, or stain clutch bags, so you can
pick one according to your taste and the occasion. Indulge in a luxury
bag frenzy that are both world-class in quality and extremely


  1. That is a great bag!!


  2. That clutch is amazing! Off to check out their site now.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  3. You have such a cute blog! I'm following!

    It would be awesome if you followed me back!

    Check out my new blog The Closet I Love!

  4. Oooo gorgeous bag! What stunning detail! xo
    Best, M.

  5. The bridal peacock feather studded handbag is fantastic as it is fitted with beautiful mettalic outside frame, and the bag is colorful enough giving the feel of warmth and loving design.

  6. wow i will also buy this clutch for my marriage. really its look awesome. wedding clutch bags

  7. I love this bag. It's really gorgeous. Your Peacock style are great thing.
    Designer Inspired Clutches


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