Tuesday Ten: Favorite Fash Trends of All Time

It is fun to dress up and play with the trend. However, fashion trends come and go, so the real challenge here is how you can follow the trend while still enabling your own personal style to shine through. That is always my main thing when buying trendy items. Here are some of my favorite trends over the past decade or so and ways that I've styled them (or styling ideas I found on the web).

10. Oversized sunglasses

I love it because... it draws more attention to the face while providing maximum protection from the sun.

9. Boyfriend Blazers

I love it because... it is chic, comfortable, and versatile. You can pair it with denim, leggings, dress, or shorts.

8. Color blocking

I love it because... it offers unlimited styling possibilities.

7. Colored denim

I love it because... the pop of color helps to add more fierceness to a basic denim look.

6. Lace

I love it because... it is feminine and sexy. 


5. Pumps

I love it because... it's fun and fashionable, even though my feet hates me sometimes for it. lol

4. Ballet flats

I love it because... it allows you to be comfy without being sloppy with fashion.

Steve Madden flat

3. Sheer tops

I love it because... the fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and effortlessly easy to style.

2. Leggings

I love it because...it goes well with anything and incorporates a chic vibe into your look. It is also perfect for day or night wear.

1. Skinny Jeans

I love it because... the fit makes the skin appear longer and it can make any outfit a step above in fashion.

Which is your favorite fashion trends over the past decade? I would love to hear your thoughts. XO

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  1. I love the color blocking and sheer tops too! Try print on print if you're print fan like yours truly!

    xx, Wanderer Stylista

    1. Hmm, I'd love to try it. I'm still stacking up on more prints!


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