OOTD: LBD Moment

An LBD, or little black dress, is the penultimate classic piece for women’s fashion. Hence, I made sure to buy one to add to my closet. Apart from showcasing a classic style statement, an LBD is also highly versatile because there are many different ways you can style and accessorize it, whether you are attending an evening soiree or going out to dinner with friends.

I bought this LBD for our office Christmas party in 2010 from SOUL Lifestyle and I was easily drawn the second I tried it on. The fabric is cotton; thus, fits very nicely and extremely comfortable. Also, the shoulder detailing transforms it from a simple LBD to something ultra fashionable. It also comes with a studded belt (as pictured in the corporate Christmas event) that helps to provide definition to the mid-section, while also breaking the monotony of the bold black color. I would like to showcase two different ways that I styled this LBD.

First off, for our corporate Christmas party, I wore this little black dress with black shoes (for a full-on black ensemble), studded belt, and curly locks. Check it out for yourself...

 Meanwhile, I wore this same LBD to work and I opted to pair it with maroon cardigan. I used my braided belt instead of the studded one that originally goes along with it to turn this LBD statement from classy to casual.

As you can see, LBDs can be really flexible and it is up to you how you style it, depending on your mood or the occasion. Which look is your favorite of the two? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about wearing an LBD. Don’t forget to drop a comment. 

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