Casual Floral

There are days when I just feel like being lazy. It might translate to my fashion choices - t-shirts, jeans, and flats... but over the years, I've learned how you can still be stylish even when you aren't into making an effort to dress up. 

This outfit is an example of me being lazy. I just grabbed a dress off my closet and put it on. And because I just got off the gym, I decided to let go of my sandals and opt for my Celine flats. Thankfully, it didn't rain that day as it had been pouring last few days. The cross body bag is my favorite, too - chic yet very functional. You'd be surprised at how much I can put in there. 

I have a few of these kinds of dresses in my closet. I'm floral obsessed, what can I say? What about you?
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  1. What an adorable dress! It looks perfect on you :) I like your lipstick color as well.

    xo Azu

  2. I found your blog and I love it.
    Would you like follow each other?
    I follow you, hope you will follow me too (vie GFC) :)

  3. lovely dress

  4. I love your dress! It looks really pretty on you :)

  5. Such a cute dress! I love florals for spring and summer and it's so important to have some great pieces you can throw on just go!


    Five Minute Style 


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