Hello Summer 2013!

Since the start of 2013, I had been anticipating for summer to arrive because I've lots of things planned out. And my recent trip to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan is my official kick off to the season. I had a blast, obviously, and can't wait to visit the city again!

Here are some of the activities I filled my time with there, as well as a glimpse into my summer style. 

Caving & Underground River Tour

On my second day at Puerto Princesa, we visited two tourist spots - Ugong Rock Cave and the Underground River. The latter is something that I was really looking forward to because it was just recently recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It was beautiful and awe-inspiring! I think everyone should have a chance to see something like that.
Island Hopping

This adventure took us to 3 different locations: Pambato Reef, Cowrie Island, and Pandan Island. The first stop is Pambato Reef wherein we got the opportunity to do some snorkeling and get a first-hand view of the beautifully preserved corals. After that, we headed to Cowrie Island wherein I enjoyed swimming in the pristine waters. Pandan Island was our final stop in the island hopping tour wherein we had lunch, lounge at the beach, and did some more swimming. I was seriously hoping to get a tan. Ha

During our last night, boyf surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, too. This is what I found on the bed as we were preparing to leave for dinner.

 How are you spending your spring & summer?

P.S. - Watch out for a series of outfit posts taken from this vacation! xo


  1. Great pics! I can't wait for the summer! It's raining right now...so warm weather seems so far away. I love being outdoors during the summer. I'll hike, swim, go to the beach, travel...whatever. As long as I'm spend 90% of my time outdoors, I'm happy :)

    xo Azu


  2. What a beautiful place to be!! Love your post *:-)

    If you get a chance I would LOVE for you to stop by LadyLove's InnerSass

    Stay Lovely,


  3. wow lovely photos! I wish I was on the beach! Looks like you're gavin a great time xo

  4. Very sweet bf...great photos..I miss pi


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