Thursday, July 24, 2014 Style Guide: Hoodies for Women

The monsoon season in the Philippines can be unforgiving. Hence, I always brace myself for rain-filled days for days to weeks on no end. Even when I might be tempted to stay in bed and curl up, there are times I have to get out and brave the rain. For those days, hoodies for women can certainly come in handy (when my trusty scarves just won't cut it!). I do not own a huge array of hoodies in my closet but it is one of those times I wish I did. 

If you are worried about how a hoodie can fit into your style, I've looked up some tips that will hopefully be helpful to you, too:

Cute and Casual - This is a dead giveaway with hoodies. If you're going out on a chilly day, put on casual top and shorts then layer it with a hoodie. You can pair it with your favorite sneakers for a dressed down look.

Dressy Casual - Another chic idea for styling your hoodie is to pair it over a dress. It serves dual purpose of keeping your warm in a cold weather and adding a casual touch to a dressy outfit.

Layering element - For really cold months, try layering your hoodie with several other pieces. To pull off layering, try combining different types of fabric. 

Go Oversized - For some reason, oversized hoodies look good on women. It provides a relaxed and laidback feel to your outfit while keeping you warm while you're out and about.

Below are some of my picks from

Are you currently looking to add cheap hoodies in your closet? offers chic but reasonable options for you:


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