ThredUP $100 Summer Shopping Challenge

Shopping is my drug. I'm not surprised why they call it 'retail therapy' because I do get a certain level of euphoria from shopping. But what provides me an even greater level of satisfaction is in unraveling 'gems' whenever I shop. I do visit thrift and bargain shops from time to time when I want to find vintage and unique pieces at a very low price. With a little digging and lots of patience, you are sure to find an item or two for a price of one in most other retail outlets.

You can only imagine my excitement when ThredUP reached out to me for their $100 Summer Shopping Challenge. I always like a challenge! And when it comes to shopping, I've considered myself a savvy shopper. I know where and how to find cheap deals so I can shop and save at the same time!

With the challenge of spending $100 at ThredUP, here are the 'gems' that I had uncovered on the site. Would you believe that I was able to pick up 7 items and with approximately $10 to spare! I gravitated towards the dresses and skirts section because these two are my 'must-haves' for summer being that I am a fan of feminine looks. A loose dress or skirt (paired with a basic tee or sleeveless top) both meet my two main criteria for putting together a summer outfit: comfort and ease of style. These items should be able to cover a whole summer's outfit, with a little creativity, of course. I bet my re-mixing skills will surely come in handy here. 

Mossimo Casual Dress ($11.99)
This summer casual dress is perfect for catching up with friends on a lunch date or for on regular summer days when you want to stay comfortable without looking slouchy. I am a big fan of stripes; hence, I gravitated towards this dress. And it is partly made of cotton, which means comfort for the hot weather of summer.

Juicy Couture Casual Dress ($19.49)
I am big on retro and vintage styles. Thus, I cannot pass up the opportunity to buy this dress when I saw it on ThredUP's summer dress selection. This looked like the perfect dress to wear for road trips with friends or summer outings. The dress also draws attention to itself so it requires little help as far as styling is concerned.

American Eagle Outfitters Summer Dress ($11.99)
I love American Eagle designs and this dress is no exception! When I saw this dress, I quickly envisioned a day trip to the beach. And that, in my book, is a good dress to buy!

Hard Tail Casual Dress ($21.99)
I am of the opinion that you should have at least one maxi dress in your summer wardrobe arsenal. And this black hi-lo maxi dress was my go-to pick because this is a look that could be easily transitioned from day to night. For day, I can wear it with a hat and then switch to a glam updo for an easy nighttime summer look.

Criss Cross Casual Dress ($14.99)
Red dresses always get the best of me. I cannot resist a red dress when I see one. Hence, it was imperative that I pick one for this summer style challenge. This red dress from Criss Cross is easy to wear for those summer nights when you want something glammed up but not too formal. You can add one or two statement pieces and you are sure to create an unforgettable summer look that your friends will talk about even when it's way past summer.

Forever 21 Casual Skirt ($4.99)

There are two things I love about this pencil skirt - lace and floral. With these two, I knew that I can always ace my summer look without spending hours styling my outfit. It also looks super versatile - I can wear it for day and night. That makes it an even better investment!

Forever 21 Casual Skirt ($4.99)
This skirt from Forever 21 is the perfect combo of casual and sexy. You can create limitless outfit ideas depending on what you choose to pair it with. As a true-blue lover of lace, I cannot pass up the opportunity to add this skirt to my collection.

Please do watch out in the coming weeks as I feature how I styled these items. Have you checked out ThredUP yet? PS - You can get $10 free credit when you register at the site. xo



  1. Wow, how cool! I've never heard of ThredUp before, but I'll have to check it out. You definitely got some great deals though!

  2. I adore your picks! especially love the lace skirts! thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I truly appreciate it! :)


  3. Love those dresses! Great picks! Thanks for stopping by my blog, subsribed to you via google and on twitter!

  4. Love the american eagle dress!


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