How to Style Sneakers for Summer

It is safe to say that sneakers is the hottest footwear trend this year. It used to be the go-to option for women for casual chic outfits but it has quickly replaced high heels in terms of fashionable street styles. There is more artistic and fashionista flair to a dress and sneakers combo than with high heels. But the best part about sneakers is that they are comfortable and you can wear them all day long. This footwear makes it to any woman's wardrobe capsule because of how easy it is to mix and match with various fashion pieces, especially white sneakers. 

Personally, I've loved wearing fashionable sneakers with dresses and skirts. Here are some of the ways in which I have styled sneakers in the past:

Converse Sneakers

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Sperry Sneakers

Meanwhile, here are the sneakers that I covet right now. You can style them many different ways: 

Vans Authentic Lo Pro Shoe
Fresh Foam Zante V3 Trainer
Laced In Velvet Sneaker
Charlie Converse
Keds Taylor Swift's Champion Embroidery Hearts
Keds Triple Mono Sneaker

What is your favorite way to style sneakers? 

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  1. I'm definitely buying a pair of converse soon! Loving the pink ones you shared!

    Much love from California!

    Paulina | Shenska

    1. Thanks girl! I have this pair and I love them!!

  2. Converse can goes with any style nowadays. Love your cute look, Abby.
    Liza Corner | Instagram | Facebook

  3. I think Converse and Vans sneakers are simply classics!I love the way you styled you kicks.

  4. Loving all of these cute sneaks! Converse are the best :)


  5. Loving how you styled sneakers so many different ways! I loveee all these colorful and printed ones so much!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  6. Sooo pretty, especially love the overalls paired with the pink converse. So fun & chic girly!! xo

  7. Love your outfits Aby!!! :)

    XX Ileana

  8. Those pink Converse are so cute! I'm also loving those embroidered heart sneakers!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Don't you just love all the fun sneakers available right now?! Love what you shared and how you styled them all.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. The velvet sneaker is so cute, I just love what the little touch of velvet brings.

  11. I have been wearing sneakers with everything! I love that they are acceptable to wear all the time!

  12. Great fashion blogging minds think alike! My blog post this week was all about styling my silver sneakers! I love the velvet laced sneakers you featured!


  13. I love wearing sneakers especially with sneakers dresses. Love the sneakers you featured!


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