My name is Abby, a Creative Writing major from the University of the Philippines. I first got into blogging out of my love for writing. Then, eventually my love for fashion and beauty caught up with it and I decided to venture into fashion blogging in 2012. When I am not blogging, I have a pretty hectic "work life". I work as a blogger and internet marketing manager for My Hair Care. I handle the social media management for all of their accounts, as well as writing the content on the website's blog. In addition, I also work as a virtual assistant for Gary Ardnt's website Everything-Everywhere.com. It is a travel photography website owned by Gary Ardnt, an esteemed travel photographer worldwide.

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  1. What a cool blog Abby! I'm returning the visit from my site and I look forward to seeing your fashion adventures. Now following you via Twitter!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

  2. Love your style and blog! New follower for sure!
    -Lauren @ Glimpse of Gutierrez

  3. Love your blog!! following :)

  4. Hey, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! I was actually a Creative Writing major too, now a few years ago somehow. ;) I'm following you on Bloglovin! :)

  5. Cute blog! Please check out my blog when you get a chance:)

  6. Thank you for stopping by so I can find you! I also do not like to have my photo taken. I started my blog to encourage my teenage daughter to love herself more(: We are all different sizes, ages, shapes, and colors, but everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. I love that blogging allows us to come together and share our love for fashion! Susan

  7. I love your blog!! I ddefinitely will be following it! :)

  8. Hi Abby! Thanks for visiting my blog. You have an impressive resume. I would love to have a creative job that I love. Your blog is great!


  9. I have a soft spot for the Philippines--great to see awesome bloggers from the other side of the world! Thanks for dropping by A Peachy Keen Blog. (Also: your job sounds super exciting!)


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