Top 10 Favorites from 2014

In a few hours, the calendar will officially turn from 2014 to 2015! I had a few up's and down's in the year 2014, but in hindsight, I could still say that this was a blessed year for me. I had several opportunities that came my way in my professional career not just in my stint with fashion blogging. Join me as I look back on my favorite outfit posts over the past year (in no particular order)!

Going Bohemian: Dressve
This is one of my favorite looks because I really loved the quality of the dress. To be honest, when I ordered this item from Dressve, I was not expecting much (given that it is my first order and I did not know what to expect). However, the product did not disappoint. The print, fabric and quality of the sewing was on-point. More importantly, this dress made me love maxi dresses even more.

Sultry Summer
Speaking of maxi dresses, this is another favorite of mine, which is why this post made it to the list. First off, I love the color of the dress. It is also comfortable and easy to style. What other reason/s do you need to love a dress?

Aside from maxi dresses, a little red dress is another obsession of mine in 2014. I just knew that there was no way this bodycon dress was not making it to my closet. 

Getting Glam: Persunmall
I have bought quite a few items from Persunmall but this dress has to be my favorite. I love the black and white combo and the simplicity of the cut. I also ordered this dress along with this green statement necklace and it turned out to be the perfect accessory for the dress!

The Little White Dress
It's no secret that I love LBDs. But I found another thing that I love equally - little white dresses! This one is one of my all-time favorite dresses and its simplicity belies its style appeal!

Tribal Maxi Dress
I have made quite a few purchases off of Sheinside website to date but this dress will always hold a dear spot in my heart. I love cobalt so when I found this dress, I quickly added it to my shopping cart. I've worn it a few times and will no doubt serve its purpose well with me.

eShakti Dress
Again, my obsession with red dresses is evident with this pick. I loved this halter top maxi dress from eShakti and the fact that I got to customize every detail of this dress - from the length of the hem to the sizing!

Floral Dress
This was my first time to partner with Sheinside and had fun styling this dress. In the end, I wanted the dress to speak for itself. The gorgeous floral print inspired thoughts of summer so we opted to have a shoot by the pool.

February Style Remix: Houndstooth
As promised, this won't be the last time you'd be seeing of this skirt. Houndstooth is one of my most favorite prints. Ever.

Vintage Lace
What better way to end this list than with an LBD. This is one of my newest LBDs and already has made it's way to my favorite list. The simplicity of the design and the unexpected touch of lace at the back makes it a sure stunner!

Which of these looks did you like most?


Hi-Lo Glam

Being a girly-girl at heart, I always love dressing glam. I grew up trying on heels and pumps (oversized at that) and wearing my mom's tops as dresses. It was fun while it lasted! However, I never grew weary of dressing up... in fact, it becomes even more fun now that I get to choose my own style and I get to provide a glimpse of who I am with my fashion choices.

This hi-lo Hard Tail dress from ThredUP called for another glam moment for me. I was previously skeptical about the hi-lo trend (never was a fan to begin with). But I am not one to say "no" to something without at least giving it a shot. 

The dress is made of cotton so it has a super comfortable feeling when worn. It was a bit flouncy so I added in my braided belt to cinch the waist. Plus, the golden floral hollow necklace from Persunmall helped infuse that delicate touch to the look. My pink neon pumps, however, provided some fun contrast with a pop of color.

Are you a fan of hi-lo dresses?


New Year's Eve Party Dresses

With Christmas 2014 in the books, it is now time to shift our focus towards ringing in the new year. The year 2014 opened up several opportunities for me but I also had my fair share of up's and down's. But life moves on and we can only keep going with a positive outlook and a motivated spirit. One way to get the attitude going as we welcome the year 2015 is to look your best at your NYE party! 

Check out these fab pieces that I have found at Shecloth so you can dress to impress:

Have you figured out what to wear to your New Year's Eve party?