Sheinside: Discount on New Styles

Can we welcome the hot weather now? Although summer is not officially here, the warm weather is starting to dawn upon us. This gets me so excited as I always have a few things planned out for summer. Whether it be with friends, family or my significant other, summer provides endless opportunities to unwind and have fun. And I am determined to do just that this summer!

To make the most of the warm weather, it is imperative to dress for comfort too. Check out new styles from Sheinside and get great discounts on your purchase! Enjoy up to 40% savings until March 5 when you shop here. Below are just a few of the items included in the sale:

Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress / Black Embroidered Lace Dress
Black Floral Print Dress / White Floral A Line Dress
White Off-Shoulder Hollow Blouse / Grey Long Sleeve Floral Print Sweater
White Butterfly Print Kimono / Black Floral Kimono

Have you kicked off your summer shopping yet? Which item is your must-have for the warm weather?


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, the items are my own picks. 

Wishlist: Jumpsuits and Two-Piece Suits

A few months ago, I had a very different opinion of jumpsuits. I was skeptical to try it fearing that it might not be the most flattering thing to wear for my body type. Surprisingly, I liked it and is now looking to add another one in my closet. I think this is the perfect summer wear because it is easy and light, helping you to stay cool during the warmer months. And if you're traveling, it is pretty practical to pack, too, since you won't have to worry about pairing it with anything. Just put it on and go!

Thanks to online shopping, it is fairly convenient to browse around for cute jumpsuits and two-piece suits! I've done the browsing for you so make sure to check below for some of my favorites that I spotted online: 

1 // 2 // 3
1 // 2 // 3 // 4
1 // 2 // 3
I am petite so I will still be testing the waters on pantsuits. However, these were too gorgeous not to include here. Someday, I will get my hands on one of these to try! 

How do you feel about wearing pantsuits and jumpsuits? Are you also loving the two-piece suit trend like I do?


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links; however, the items are my own picks. 

Graffiti Shorts

On my trip to Malaysia, Langkawi Island was our first stop. We spent two nights and three days at this beautiful island. I compare it to the Philippines' Boracay island, which is a hot spot for tourists. The beach is also within walking distance from the resorts so you can conveniently take a dip, have a picnic along the beach, or engage in water sports activities whenever you want. I was quite overwhelmed by the size of the island. There were too many sights to see and/or explore. Hence, comfortable clothes and footwear were a must.

This blue graffiti print shorts from Sheinside was one of those items that I bought specifically for this trip. I bought a lot of comfortable shorts because I knew there was going to be a lot of walking and traveling. And so, I tried my best to stay as comfortable as possible. And there is nothing more casual and vacation-ready than a pair of shorts and spaghetti strap top. I love this shorts, though, because it is quite versatile. You can wear it low-key and casual like I did here, or you can also pair it with a more dressy top. 

Check out more photos from my vacation showcasing this outfit:

How do you plan your vacation outfits? 


Blogging 101: 7 Things I Learned from Fashion Blogging


The world of fashion blogging is such a large community. When I first started out, I was a bit overwhelmed given that there are several other bloggers like me. However, it is also the exact same thing that makes fashion blogging a lot of fun (for me, at least). There is an opportunity to build relationships and become part of a larger community, albeit online. If you are curious about venturing out into fashion blogging yourself, or is just starting out, here are some of the things I've learned along the way that will help you prepare for what's ahead:

7. Fashion blogging isn't solely about fashion... it's more about showcasing the unique you. It may sound like a cliche but unless you showcase your unique style, it is easy to be drowned by other fashion bloggers. I know I am not the most influential fashion blogger out there but there are brands reaching out to me for collaboration and other types of partnership. That speaks a lot about their ability to recognize my genuine passion for fashion and other similar interest. 

6. It can be a creative outlet. I am always surprised when people are shocked to find out that I blog even though I work as a full-time writer and internet marketing manager. Blogging about the things that I enjoy can serve as my creative outlet.

5. Social media is a powerful tool. I used to think social media is just a space where people share their rants or photos. However, if you can utilize these tools well, it can help propel your blog to the next level.

4. Proper organization is key. If you have decided to become a serious fashion blogger, you must be prepared to set aside the little things that don't contribute to your overall productivity. Good time management skills can also be your life-saver!

3. Blog jealousy is normal... but don't let it distract you. It can be disheartening to work your heart out on promoting your blog and not getting the same opportunities as other bloggers do. Don't get yourself into a negative self-talk. Think about making your blog a better space instead. Just because you are not there yet, does not mean that you will never get there.

2. Other people's opinion don't matter (the negative ones at least). Some people might make fun of or ridicule fashion blogging and regard it as frivolity. Again, don't let these distract you. Focus on what makes you happy and continue to work hard. After all, you only have yourself to please. If you're happy, then other people's opinion hardly ever matter.

1. In connection with the item above... confidence. This is one of the things that I have gained once I ventured into fashion blogging. This is not to say that I lack confidence prior, but it has certainly elevated it to a point wherein I do what I want to do without seeking approval from others. I sure have come a long way from someone who was shy about having my photos taken. And now, I can proudly share my looks to the rest of the world and be confident about it.

What about you? What have you learned about blogging, especially about yourself? 


PS - I'd like to share some exciting news. I got featured on Independent Fashion Blogger's website for the third time. Check out more below: 


Style Conscious

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is the second most dangerous industry to the planet. Between the (leather) tanning, gold mining and dye industries, fashion may look great on you, but not so much on "Mother Earth." This week we have links to bloggers who are looking into what it means to be a kinder consumer of fashion. And of course, we're all still gossiping about that Oscar's red carpet too.

Links à la Mode: February 26th

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TREsemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo: Review

Even though I work as a professional hair blogger, it struck me as odd that I haven't shared anything about hair care on my blog. It's high time I do! And for my first hair post, I am going to share with you an amazing product that I've tried. I have talked in depth about dry shampoo and its benefits (not here though) and was curious to give it a try. For those who do not know what dry shampoo is, it is basically a product that comes in either powder or spray form. You apply it to your scalp to absorb excess oil or provide some texture to your hair to refresh and revive it even without washing it with water. This explains why hair styling experts recommend it as an alternative when you want to skip daily washing on your hair. I won't even begin to lecture about the hazards of washing your hair on a daily basis, we'll save that for another post. 

The main ingredients for TREsemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo are mineral clay and citrus. According to the product ad, it is made with professional quality. When I did a research online, though, I found there are a lot of negative reviews on this product. But I still decided to give it a try. 

I used the product after my workout - since I know that sweat coming into contact with hair is almost always disastrous. I've had issues with my hair being oily and stubborn to style especially after a session at the gym (yes, even when I put it up into a bun or ponytail). Hence, I decided to buy this dry shampoo to cope with this problem. 

I shook the can vigorously and sprayed it onto my hair near the roots. I make sure to lift every section of hair that I want to apply the product on to also get some lift to it. About 4-5 spritzes did it for me since I concentrated on those areas that are prone to becoming greasy. 

Initially, I noticed that there is a freshness fragrance to it - I would probably attribute that to the citrus in the formula. What I like most about the scent though is that it is not overpowering. Also, I noticed almost immediately that my hair is not as greasy as it used to be (especially after a workout). I expected it to be an immediate effect on the hair after application but I was surprised that it remained that way several hours after using the product. Indeed, my hair was not limp at all and I never had to brush it as often as I used to to create volume. I felt that there is a natural bounce to my hair, which I love, of course. 

I will continue to use this product to see if I get the same result. But for now, I can truly say that I loved the result and what it did to my hair. I cannot give it a glowing thumbs up yet but I guess it also depends on your hair type. There are several types of dry shampoo in the market and it is all about finding the right one to suit your hair type. 

Which dry shampoo are you using? If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear about them in the comments section!