November Remix

The month of November hasn't been good so far, personally and for my country. First off, the devastation of the typhoon Haiyan has left a lot of people without homes and even losing some of their family members. I wanted to start off by encouraging everyone who gets to read this to do their part in providing any relief to those who were affected. Every little bit helps. You can check here to learn more about sending in your donations.

Now, onto this post... I wanted to feature something that I've worn before but wanted to amp up the look by incorporating a scarf. I love wearing dresses (yes, I've said that time and again) but it can be tricky finding new ways to style them up so you don't end up looking like you've nothing else in your closet. This scarf trick always does it for me.


 There will always be that casual chic mojo I get from wearing a dress with the scarf. So... don't say I didn't warn you. But you might be seeing more of these in the coming months, especially as the temperature gets colder and colder as we near December.

Do you share my love for this look? Yes? No?


Life Lately: Weddings & Goodbyes

This past week has been a rollercoaster. Definitely the most trying time of the year for me. The week started with me and the family attending my favorite cousin's wedding (finally!) wherein he invited me to become one of the bridesmaids. However, the week ended with some bad news - the death of my aunt. I got a text message from my mom that she suffered a heart attack. They managed to rush her to the hospital but it was too late. I am still mourning with my family but I can rest my heart knowing that she is in a happy place and won't have to suffer anymore.

Back to more happy thoughts - I said finally about my cousin's wedding because they'd been together for about 10 years now and tying the knot is a great step towards the next chapter of their relationship. Also, excited to have a new niece/nephew soon! Seeing the bride walk down the aisle towards him on the altar was indescribable. I have been to many weddings before and had been a bridesmaid several times but I can literally feel the emotion that was probably going through him at that point. Heck, I was even feeling nervous and teary-eyed. 

 I would like to share my favorite moments from the wedding with some photos so you, too, can get a sneak peek of the entire evening:

Bridesmaid's bouquet

1. I was anxious and excited about the whole wedding preparation. Went to the hotel early in the morning to get the makeup done and do some shoots with the other members of the entourage. Had some pizzas delivered to the room for lunch because we literally had no time for a break. The wedding coordinators were extremely helpful to get everything organized because I felt like a hot mess having to move from one room to another trying to get my makeup done and then get into my dress.

Ugh. I can't get my nephew to quit photobombing us.

2. Speaking of the dress, I simply love it. The wedding's motif was teal, which couldn't have been more perfect as I am obsessed with anything blue. The fact that it was strapless was double bonus! I got super excited when I was trying on the dress a week before and was pleased with the outcome. Ha! I can only imagine if I were fitting my own wedding dress.

3. The ceremony was short and solemn. It went very smoothly. I was also happy to catch up on some family members and relatives at the wedding.

4. The food! As a foodie, I am always up for anything that would delight my palate. The food at the reception, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, was exceptional. They had all kinds of meat, which was great because mom can only eat fish, that were fresh and delicious! We also had cocktails and snacks upon arriving at the reception after the wedding ceremony and it was plentiful!

The couple's first dance
Wine toast to the couple

5. Bonding with the family. That's what weddings are all about. Being able to celebrate a special union of two people passionately in love and having the most important people in their respective lives being witness. It was priceless!

How's your week been so far? 

Oh, Mustard!

I'd like to think I wear mustard well. If you don't agree, then that is not going to stop me from wearing this color either. It is such a classic piece of color that can work with any other color or pieces, while also providing a pop of color to liven up what would normally be taken as a boring or basic outfit.

This new mustard cardigan that I have has been serving a lot of use for me. I've worn it with a dress, with a tank top, or to provide layer for my outfit when it's slightly chilly outside and a jacket would have been too warm for my liking. This casual, cozy outfit is so comfortable too I could wear it everyday!

Loving mustard, too?

Fash Love: Sweater

It's not even December yet but the cool breeze at night is starting to get me. I am not gonna lie, the thought of cool, Christmas nights make me giddy. But with a cold-weather-challenged wardrobe, I can't get too excited. Okay, so I might be late on the scarf trend and now I am trying to get one of every color and print, but here's one more thing that has been catching my fancy - sweater tops!

Comfort meets chic with sweater tops that come in a range of styles, length, and colors. I am particularly fond of printed sweater tops that come with fun designs. The available options in the market these days are really taking a step above when designing functional pieces like this.

Top: 1 / 2 / 3
Middle: 1 / 2 / 3
Bottom: 1 / 2 / 3

What is your favorite thing about sweater tops?

Boho Chic

I don't really do boho. Pardon me if you feel like this post (and the title) is misleading or not really representative of what constitutes boho style. However, I feel a bohemian vibe to my outfit when I decided to re-mix this pleated maxi skirt that I featured here before. I paired it with my green Old Navy spaghetti strap top. 

You see - I had been digging up a few items on my closet that I haven't worn for quite some time. And this maxi skirt fell into that category now. Sobs. This won't be the last time though, I will be sure to get more use for my maxi skirts because apparently my love for anything maxi hasn't died down yet.

Are you into boho fashion?