2013 in Review: Outfit Posts

Whatever happened to 2013? This year just flew by. It seemed like just yesterday when the boyf and I were anxiously anticipating for the year to arrive because we took our first solo trip together and now it's almost wrapped up. And yet, it was a packed year, too! I had lots of highs and lows but it was an overall memorable year. If you can recall, I've shared our experience here on our 7th anniversary celebration. We have also completed our first major goal in planning our future together and I am giddy at the thought of starting the next chapter. I can say without hesitation that 2014 is the year when we make it happen!

2013 is also a fun year for fashion. At the start of the year, I documented what I thought was going to be the top trends for fashion. And now I am already looking forward to what this new year will bring when it comes to fashion.

But before we officially welcome 2014, I'd like to keep up with the tradition I've done last year. I will do a bit of recap of the looks I've featured in this blog for this year. Shall we start?
Feminine hues such as cobalt, pink and peach are a big hit in my closet this year. I also noticed how I was drawn to a lot of pastels. Hence, I got quite a host of feminine and pastel looks to strut in my blog.

Think Green | Blues Clues | Red Hot | Sheer & Skort | Snakeskin + Green
Even though you might find a few staples in the looks that I've featured in my blog, you can never quite guess what I'd wear next. Here I am trying on sneakers or jumping onto the bandwagon (skort and colored pants). One other thing I am also notorious for - remixing pieces in my closet.
Houndstooth & Peplum | Eyelet LBD | One Dress Two Ways | One Dress Two Ways Part II | Shopping My Own Closet

 Another favorite of mine this year are skirts/dresses. Well, these are basically my favorites of all time, but then again I was more fond of wearing them this year. I suspect I'd continue on with this trend in the coming year.

Which look was your favorite? 

December Remix {Rose Pink Skirt}

A lot of women might cringe at the thought of wearing pink. I am shamelessly different. I tried to avoid it when I can. But the hue is so right up my style - feminine and delicate. When I saw this pink bandage skirt on the rack, I instantly fell in love because I know that there are several pieces in my closet that I can pair it with.


I do like to go over-the-top with the feminine details in my outfit. Pink and floral is a good combo that works for me every single time. That.. or I was experimenting with my closet again. This top has not been worn for months! I told you, I really should be doing some more digging on my closet. There is a gold mine there when it comes to trying out different combinations on new and/or old pieces of clothes. I do have a rep for that (as you can see here, here and here).

How do you revamp your favorite pieces in the closet?

Shoes to Stun on New Year's Eve

Shoes make or break the outfit. For special occasions like the upcoming New Year's Eve party, you need to pick the right footwear to complement your outfit to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. But whether you are trying to make a fashion statement or not, gorgeous shoes are a must to get into the party vibe!

Below are some stunning shoe designs that will mean you are serious about dressing to impress.

Clockwise: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Have you picked out your shoes for the New Year's Eve party yet?


Pop of Neon

When it comes to shopping for dresses, I am drawn to solid colored ones that are simple in design and cut. Hence, this new neon and hot pink dress I picked up was something you would not normally find in my closet. I occasionally love wearing pink but I often settle for the lighter tones, such as rose or carnation pink. Hot pink on a dress? A ballsy choice but it worked in this case!


For one - the cut is simple. I might have to pack on some more curves to look better in it but that does not take anything away from my adoration of it. It draws the eye, very easy to wear, and comfortable. With the right accessories, you can even wear it to a cocktail or any nighttime events!
Do you fancy yourself wearing neon from time to time? Or is it fashion off-limits for you? Share your thoughts, ladies. XO


Holiday Must-Have: Glam Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Adding the right accessory can make a somewhat casual look more dressed up. In fact, a simple top and jeans can look ultra chic when you add a few statement jewelry into the mix. Indeed, accessories has been my saving grace and I love how I have come to embrace them and master its use to liven up the detail of my outfit. Who has the time to dress up for work every single day? A necklace or bracelet that screams "look at me!" can make a world of difference.

But there should be a subtlety in its use, too. I've seen a few people commit the fashion faux pas of trying to put too many statement pieces together. I tell you - it's not good to look at. Thus, I've been straddling through this with sufficient caution so I don't end up like a walking jewelry stand.

With holiday parties on the horizon, glam accessories (read: lots of gold and glitter!) are going to be a staple piece in everyone's holiday outfit. For instance, a strapless frock paired with a bun and some statement gold chain necklace will surely up the ante as far as your holiday wear is concerned. If you haven't started shopping yet, here are some picks that I spotted that would seriously glam up any holiday outfit:

Clockwise: Link-Well Gold Rhinestone Bracelet | Clear as Day Rhinestone Lucite Earrings | Rings True Gold Rhinestone Necklace | Link-a-Gem Rhinestone Silver Watch | Candy Crystal Clear Ring | Hide and Sequin Silver Sequin Clutch | Anne Michelle Enzo 53 Gold Crisscrossing Ankle Strap Heels

How high are glitters, gold, and sequins in your holiday wear priority list?


Teal Maxi

Have I told you I love wearing maxis? I used to be intimidated by it because I was born petite. But since I started wearing them, I had been so into them! It is a simple way to dress up your look. Contrary to popular belief that petite people should stay away from maxis, it can actually help to lengthen your limbs.

One way to make a maxi work for you, though, is to find the right fabric, print (if you opt for printed ones), and the fit. This teal maxi skirt that I recently added to my closet is a new favorite. I know I say that all the time when I saw the color and cut, I knew it was meant for my closet. The fit not only looks good but it also feels very comfortable to wear. It seemed so ethereal with the right pair and exudes simple sophistication, too. 

For this particular look, I opted for the casual take though because the boyf and I were out to grab some dinner for a Friday date night. I do like to dress up for him once in a while, but more than anything I just wanted something that is comfortable.


How do you like to wear your maxi? Casual, elegant, or boho?