Skin Care Must-Haves for Summer

When it comes to skin care, I tend to double my efforts in the summer. In between the heat, salt water from swimming in the ocean or chlorine in the pool, and the fact that you will probably spend more time under the sun than you would any other season, all of these things can combine to cause a lot of damage to your skin. Since many of the damages to the skin are irreversible, it only pays to take a more cautious approach and protect your skin before damage happens. I also need to improve on adapting my own tips as I tend to slack off on my skin care routine in the summer. In order to revamp my skin care regimen, I've selected quite a few of the products that I will be sure to stock up on so I can frolic under the sun without worries: 


Mineral Sunscreen Glow / Sunscreen SPF 50 / UV Plus Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 50

When in the subject of skin care for summer, it is a sin to not include sunscreen in the list. The sunscreen serves as a protective layer for your skin by blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun. Therefore, the reason for using sunscreen goes far beyond cosmetic reasons. It can be the key to preventing skin cancer, of which prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays can cause!

Body Scrub

C Lab  Co Scrub Travel Pack / The Debauchery Detox Scrub / Coffee Body Scrub

If there is one product from this list that I can't live without, it would be a body scrub. I love the exfoliating effect of the body scrub to my skin. It is effective in removing dead skin cells so your skin will feel smooth and supple all the time. It is also a good product to use to combat cellulite formation as massaging it onto your skin can help to stimulate blood flow. Choose an oil-based body scrub to provide a hydrating effect on your skin. My favorite ingredients for a body scrub include coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. 

Infused Bath

Bath Treatment Sachet Pack / Bath & Shower Concentrate with Plant Extracts / Gem & Honey Infused Bath Salt

An infused bath can provide the same benefits as body scrub although this one is designed more to make you relaxed and calm. The ingredients used to infuse the bath mixture can vary and it will also impact the benefit you can get. Some infused bath salts are nourishing and hydrating while others target specific skin conditions. 

Face Mask

Exfoliating Mask / Super Restorative Replenishing Mask / Extra-Firming Mask

A facial mask is another skin care treatment that I am currently addicted to. If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out! What makes facial mask good for your skin, especially during summer? It provides instant hydration to your skin and depending on the type of ingredient can offer a wide range of benefits. Most facial masks are designed to nourish your skin and fight signs of dullness by giving it a healthy glow. It also improves the appearance of your pores so your skin will look younger the more you use it. 

Face Mist

Run for the Roses After Sun Mist / Refresh Face Mist

Due to the heat of the summer, staying hydrated is important. Drinking plenty of water is good for your health and skin. But with the high temperature, it can be easy to fall into the dehydration state. A facial mist is therefore important in your skin care arsenal for this reason. It is important to spritz some to your face every few hours. This will easily hydrate your skin while nourishing it at the same time. 

Facial Cleansers

Soothing & Nourishing Facial Cleanser / Gentle Cleansing Exfoliant / Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind

A facial cleanser is a must for summer because your skin can be exposed to harsh elements. From the sun's UV rays to dust, dirt and sweat, all of these can clog up your pores and cause your skin to look dull and damaged. A gentle but effective cleanser is an important part of my skin care routine and should be in yours too. But it is important to put emphasis on choosing a gentle formula - you want to remove build up and clean your pores but make sure it is not too harsh on your skin. 

Which of these skin care products for summer can you not live without?

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Currently Craving

I am going to keep it short but sweet today. To say this week has been so busy is an understatement. Despite my busy schedule, though, I've managed to squeeze in some shopping. As I've said in this post, I am going to be on vacation in a few months, of which I am so excited about because we were not supposed to travel this year (as we are saving up for a big project and purchase!) but I booked a surprise trip for the hubby and I and he was okay with it, so I couldn't be more excited about that!

Below are just some of the things that I ordered recently that I am hoping to bring with me on our upcoming trip!

Wine Floral Maxi Romper / Gray Sling Back Block Heels

Frayed Embroidered Ripped Shorts / Cold Shoulder Pleated White Top / Transparent Mirrored Sunglasses 
High Neck Floral Ruffled Dress / Scalloped One Shoulder Swimwear

You can shop and save by taking advantage of the current offers on these websites. Check out the Zaful Bandage Bikini Summer 2017 Promotion and Rosegal Cross Back Dress Summer 2017 Promotion. Use codes ZafulChen and RosegalChen to get discounts, respectively. 

What have you bought lately? 

xo, Abby

Quintessential Travel Style

Top c/o Chicwish (sold out)

Shorts from Shein
Sandals c/o Sammydress
Tote c/o Zaful
Watch c/o JORD

Nine times out of ten, you will find me wearing a dress. The remainder of that statistics can be divided between pants and shorts. Luckily, we do have a tropical climate that enables me to wear shorts all year round (same with dresses), so I do take full advantage of this opportunity whenever I can. In the past, I've showcased you my shorts styles and how I like to dress up my shorts outfit. But today, I am showing you how I like to wear shorts for a vacation. 

Top c/o Chicwish
Shorts from Shein
Sandals c/o Sammydress
Tote c/o Zaful
Watch c/o JORD

I've had this shorts from Shein since last summer. I've been wearing it a ton since but I haven't really blogged about it until now. But given that it reflects my choice of personal style on a day-to-day basis, I thought it deserved a spot in my blog. When paired with this sheer classic button down top from Chicwish, this combo is one of my personal favorites. I love coming up with stylish combinations and looking for chic outfit inspirations, but when you are traveling I do think all of these take a back seat to comfort. Thankfully, comfort does not have to take a back seat with this look as I can achieve that and look stylish too. And don't even get me started on these adorable fringe sandals! My husband thinks it's ridiculous and takes a lot of time to put on, but what do men know about women's fashion anyway? 

Shop white tops here...

Lace Off Shoulder Top / Boho Embroidered Top / Pleated Cold Shoulder Top / Chiffon Cami Top / Cross Wrapped Crop Top

Shop summer shorts here...

Blue Embroidered Shorts / Contemporary Denim Shorts / Bondi Beach Shorts

What is your go-to travel style?

xo, Abby

Dresses to Bring On Your Next Vacation

V-Neck Tribal Print Bell Sleeve Dress / V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress / Off Shoulder Bodice Maxi Dress / Floral Printed Maxi Dress / Fringe Side Slit Maxi Dress
A week ago, I just booked the hubby and I a trip to a tropical vacation destination. I won't spill details yet but as with everything I do, I am already planning ahead (even though it's still a few months away). Despite the fact that I've traveled for quite a few times already, I've earned the rep as a serial over-packer. The husband and I both agree to always bring carry-on luggage (because we both hate the queue on the baggage claim). While I am certainly no light packer yet, I think I've gotten better at it. For a tropical destination, packing cute dresses is a no-brainer. One advantage to this is you can save space since you are bringing just one piece instead of a top and bottom. Plus, summer dresses tend to be of lighter fabric such as cotton or chiffon. You can save a lot of space if you roll them in your luggage because they are not bulky. The dresses that I've linked above are just a few of those that I have my eye on from Fashionmia - one of the websites that I shop for for trendy but affordable pieces. They are one of my go-to's online because I have had a few excellent products based on my own shopping experience. 

Here are just a few of the Fashionmia pieces that I've styled in the past. Which of these do you think should I bring with me on my next trip?

Original post here
Original post here
Original post here
Original post here

I've purchased quite a few items (mostly dresses) from Fashionmia and I have been quite satisfied with what I got. As with most of these overseas shops, it is always critical to check the sizing details and read the reviews from customers so you can assess the quality of the items! You can find a wide range of options from all kinds of dresses, outerwear, and plus size clothing from the website. 

Have you got tips to pack light for a tropical vacation? I could use some of them so leave them in the comments below! 

xo, Abby

5 Must-Haves: Chic and Contemporary Bathroom

Since we purchased our new home, I've enjoyed the process of buying furniture, decorating and styling. It is not a cheap venture, which is probably why we've taken it slow and steady. If you are in the same stage as we are, you know how difficult but rewarding this process can be. But if there is one aspect of the home that I feel most special about, it would be the bathroom. Like the kitchen, it is one of the most functional rooms in the house. While most homeowners would think last of the bathroom when it comes to decorating the home, I am different. Bathroom for me is the most essential. You need to double your effort at keeping it clean and beautiful. I want it to be a refuge for respite and relaxation. 

If you agree with me, then you have come to the right place. I have partnered with Maykke to bring you my must-have pieces to decorate and furnish your bathroom with. It is important to strike a balance between style and functionality when it comes to furnishing accessories and fixtures for your bathroom. Thankfully, there are a wide range of modern styles available in the market right now that would make this possible, whatever your budget may be. No need to compromise!

Let's get on with my list...

Freestanding Bathtub

71" Clara Freestanding Tub / 60" Cast Iron Tub

Freestanding bathtubs are one of the must-have essentials in a modern bathroom. It is chic and contemporary. It also delivers longevity and versatility in terms of its use as a style element to your bathroom. You can go for an acrylic tub for a modern and minimalist look, or cast iron clawfoot tubs for a vintage look. You are free to move it around to whichever placement you think would enable you to maximize space and style, a luxury which you won't be able to enjoy with a built-in bathtub. 

Bathroom Vanity

36" Dani Vanity Set / 48"Cecilia Vanity Set

The vanity, like the bathtub, can be the focal point in your bathroom decor. The style options available with a bathroom vanity set has greatly evolved from being a place for storage and organization to offer a touch of elegant style to this room. 

Faucet and Sink

Three Piece Faucet, Polished Chrome / Livingston Vessel, Beige Travertine

The bathroom faucets and sink are two essential fixtures in the bathroom because they serve a function. But with the new range of styles available, they can also add a dramatic touch to the bathroom style with the right choice of material and finish. 

Bathroom Mirror

Framed Wall Mirror / Round LED Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are truly an essential when it comes to adding fixtures into this space. However, a mirror serves more than just to make sure that you are getting your makeup right - it is also a stylistic addition to your bathroom. With the addition of handsome finishes to polished metals, and mirrors of various shapes and sizes, you are guaranteed to find one that will suit your bathroom style. 


Soma Glass Shelf / Soma Towel Rack

Storage is one aspect about your bathroom that you should never neglect. Thankfully, the options of shelves and racks provide you with chic designs that incorporate well into contemporary bathroom styles. Hence, you do not have to compromise aesthetic for function!

Which of these bathroom accessories and fixtures do you need to decorate yours? Head on over to Maykke for luxury bathroom furnishing at affordable pricing.

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Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post. However, the opinion expressed are completely my own.

Yellow Sundress and Floral on Repeat

Dress c/o Yoshop

Straw Tote c/o Zaful - use code ZafulChen for discount
Wedge Sandals (sold out)
Earrings c/o Twinkledeals (sold out)
Watch c/o JORD

I am having a yellow moment right now. It is one of those colors that I tend to wear more in the summer time than any other time of the year. The case is true this year especially with primrose yellow cited by Pantone as one of the top colors for Spring/Summer 2017. I love how the color adds a pop of brightness to an outfit. Plus, it does not hurt that it is such a "feel good" hue. It might sound cliche but it does bring a sunny statement to your summer style. 

Dress c/o Yoshop
Straw Tote c/o Zaful - use code ZafulChen for discount
Wedge Sandals (sold out)
Earrings c/o Twinkledeals (sold out)
Watch c/o JORD

Aside from yellow, one thing that I am loving right now all the time is floral. Will I ever get enough of floral? Probably not. Will it ever go out of trend? Probably not, especially since I don't consider it a trend. The idea of wearing floral for spring/summer isn't something I consider as "trendy", it's right there with stripes as one of the classic style pieces for the season. It will have its own shining moments in fashion history but it will never be out of style. The wide variety of floral prints to choose from and color combinations provide it with added versatility, such as a black floral maxi dress and this bright floral dress. These two can create such different looks for your summer style. 

On a different topic, I just booked us a flight later this year to a popular tropical destination in the country. I won't share it yet but this dress would be the perfect outfit to pack for that trip! Can you guess where the hubby and I are headed to?

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