Spring/Summer Fashion Must-Haves from TBDress.com

As soon as the weather starts to get hot, comfort quickly climbs up your list of priorities when shopping. Pieces that are made with cool fabric such as sheer or cotton make a great choice to facilitate air flow so you stay comfortable despite the hot weather. Spring and summer also typically involves outdoor activities or staying active. But you should not let your outfit choices get in the way. 

Midi Dresses

Spring Flats

I am not really that into midi dresses because I am petite and I am not sure if the cut would suit me. However, I am not putting it off altogether. It will vary on the style and the print - I might give in someday. But with the spring/summer on the horizon, I find that midi dresses are the perfect choice to stay comfortable and look effortlessly chic. It is more forgiving than a short frock and equally fashionable as a maxi. Check out other midi dresses here: http://www.tbdress.com/Topshop-Bodycon-Midi-Dress/

A comfortable footewar is the perfect compliment to these fashionable yet comfortable spring midi dresses. I prefer sandals but you can also go for comfy flats. I found these ones to be extremely adorable that can accentuate even basic outfits. Hence, this is the quickest trick you can use if you want to stay fashionably chic during the hot weather months ahead. Here are some other fabulous choices for spring or summer flats: http://www.tbdress.com/Tory-Burch-Flats-Outlet/

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Dresswe Vintage Prom Dresses That Stand Out

Even though I never went to prom that does not mean that I never once dreamed of donning gorgeous prom dresses. My weakness for dresses, short or long, is now an open secret. Thus, I always grab at every opportunity to get dolled up (such as wear long gowns, put on some makeup, and wear my pumps). After all, that is not something that you get to do every day.

The most important thing for girls attending prom is to find the perfect dress. The girls of today are quite lucky, though. They have access to websites that offer cheap special occasion dresses, as well as wedding accessories online. You can therefore find breathtaking vintage and modern prom dresses on a budget plus accessories that are equally cheap. If you are lucky to spot prom and wedding apparel on hot sale, you can get even bigger savings on the purchase.

When I attended my cousin’s wedding last November, I went all out in my search for bridesmaid and wedding shoes online. I wanted to find the perfect pair for my dress. We wore a teal gown (one of my favorite colors) so it was important that I put on shoes that would match its elegance and sophistication. The point is – you need to find accessories that will compliment the dress. It is the main thing but it is not everything. You need to be able to showcase it so that its real beauty will show through.

Thankfully, I discovered a new fashion website: http://www.dresswe.com. They have quite an exquisite selection of prom, evening, and wedding dresses. I tell you, it’s a dream for any woman to shop their site! For all the teen girls out there attending prom soon, you can check out their impressive lineup of vintage prom dresses under 100. You can check them here: http://www.dresswe.com/trend/vintage-prom-dresses-under-100/

Meanwhile, you can also check the dresses I personally handpicked below:

Do you like to go all-out when dressing for prom (or any other special occasion)?

Here is one wedding and dress store. I believe you will love it. Mermaid Prom Dresses


The Little White Dress

LBDs or little black dresses are an integral part of my closet. The boyf once told me that I am always drawn to bold colors like hot pink or red. He is SO wrong! Truth is, I always relied on my LBDs and LWDs when I want to keep things simple yet sophisticated. I am not going to lie - these little dresses have never disappointed me.

This skater style dress fits the bill. It is one of those dresses that will not catch your attention when it is on the hanger. But when I put it on, I was quite blown away. The fit was perfect, the cut hugged my body just right, and the texture on the fabric is high quality. What else can you look for in a dress, right?

I always had a penchant for simple dresses that can stand on their own. There is no need to dress them up to look good. 

What is your favorite new purchase?


February Wishlist: Lace Dresses via TBDress.com

The Valentine celebration might be over but my love (and obsession) for beautiful, feminine lace dresses will never be over. It is a must for me, like a little black or white dress. I've always been open about my love for anything lace and it has not waned since. In fact, my urge to get a new lace dress just keeps pressing on whenever I do online browsing and find adorable, sexy short or long lace dress like the ones here: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Lace-Dresses-100591/

This dress incorporates all the elements of a sexy and sophisticated style. The cut hugs the figure just enough to form a silhouette. And the lace details on the neckline and around the hem make it ultra feminine. Yes, that's my kind of style!

From time to time, I do like to wear long sleeve bodycon dresses. It is hard to resist with fabulous items like these: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Bodycon-Dresses-100511/. But if it's got lace detailing, too, then all the more better!

This is the utmost girly girl dress. Pink and lace might seem like complete feminine overload. But you can't deny that it's still pretty, right?

The color and fit in this dress is just stunning. It does not hurt that I am crazy over peplum, too. Hence, I ended up wishing that this would magically appear in my closet.

I cannot resist a frilly dress. This lace number is looking perfect for summer with its delicate color and details.

Which of these lace dresses do you like best?