Celebrity Fash: Oscars 2013

The Oscars 2013 awards show is the most anticipated award ceremony in the film industry. But more than the winners, there is one other thing I look forward to - red carpet fashion. This year, the stars did not disappoint as the glitz and glamour of Hollywood fashion filled the red carpet. The bridal look is a prevailing theme this year but there was a fair share of color, too. 

My best-dressed for the night would have to be Amanda Seyfried. This Les Miserables star looked like a real star in this shimmering Alexander McQueen gown with keyhole bust and choker collar. Love the silhouette on her and the amount of sparkles was just right. The hair is perfect for the dress, too, as it helps to highlight the detailed neckline.

Check out below to see my other fashion picks for Oscar 2013:

Who is your best-dressed celebrity on the Oscar 2013 red carpet?
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Blue and Green

In a previous post, I've talked about how I love the color blue and that I've basically filled up my closet with many clothing items of this color. Hence, you can only imagine my excitement when I was window shopping one day and found this azure pants at the mall. Love the fabric because it feels light and cool against the skin. Plus, it does not hurt that it looks effortlessly chic. 

I decided to play up with the color and paired it with my green Old Navy spaghetti strap top. The white bolero helped to break up the solid colors.

   Top: Old Navy / Pants: No Apologies / Bolero: G-Mall / Watch: Timex / Wedge: Rusty Lopez

What did you think of my first attempt at a color block outfit?

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Fash Love: Ever Bilena Pink Flame Matte Lipstick

I've always been a big fan of the red lipstick. I feel like such a charmer with my red lips on, even the boyf thinks it such a tease. LOL. Hence, it is my go-to option for when I want to look fab. In fact, I've featured Ever Bilena's Scarlet Matte Lipstick here in the blog before because I always have it in my vanity pouch. But here's another lipstick shade from EB that I equally love - Pink Flame
The Pink Flame comes with a rose pink glow and a dusty undertone. With rose pink being my favorite shade of pink, I just had to have this on my lipstick collection. It makes your lips look feminine yet there is that edgy vibe to it. But the pink in the shade is not too overpowering and it applies really well. And because it is matte, it does not fade easily and you do not have to keep re-touching it every few hours. The only downside is that it can dry up your lips after wearing it, so I always make sure to moisturize my lips after using it. Or layer it with some lip balm before applying the lipstick to protect the lips.

Check out some of my favorite looks with this lipstick shade on (don't mind the guy I'm with, lol):
Are you a fan of pink lipstick, too?

Fash Love: Lauren Conrad Resort 2013 at Kohl's

Lauren Conrad has always been my inspiration when it comes to fashion. She has inspired me to establish a balance between fashion and comfort. Indeed, I haven't seen someone as relaxed, comfortable, and chic as she is. Hence, I was stoked when I got to check out the Resort 2013 collection from LC Lauren Conrad on Kohl's. These items are exactly what I need for my wardrobe. If you want to shop the spring trends, here are some of my personal picks off of her newest collection available at Kohl's. You can click on the image to shop.

Floral & Geometric

Stripes & Dots

Are you loving Lauren Conrad's resort 2013 collection much as I do?

 Celebrity Watch

Earlier this week, the Grammy Awards 2013 was held in Los Angeles. I always look forward to these major music and film award shows because of the red carpet fashion. But this year, the Grammys red carpet was a bit of a disappointment. There were more fashion flubs than faves, personally speaking. Here are my picks for the best dressed women of the night, though. 

Who do you think was best-dressed at the 2013 Grammys? 

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Happy Valentine's Day

Hello, ladies! I know it's Valentine's Day today, February 14, and most of you might have something special in store later in the day. However, I have quite a busy day so the boyf and I have skipped the celebration tonight and would instead pursue our plans this weekend. We're not the hopeless romantic types, though, so it'll probably be something simple yet intimate. I will definitely share to you how it will go down. 

But for now, in commemoration of this special time of the year, I would like to share some memories from our Valentine's Day celebration over the past couple years. 

We had dinner at this beautiful garden, al fresco restaurant called Gardena Fresca during Valentine's 2011. We had seafood and grilled dishes for that night. After a hearty dinner, we head on over to a local carnival to enjoy some rides. The boyf was a little dizzy after a few rides but it was nonetheless a fun night for the two of us!

Last year, I blogged about my bowling experience with the boyf. It made our Valentine's Day celebration quite memorable because that was the first time that both of us tried bowling together. Then, we headed for dinner at Swiss Deli, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Davao City

Boyf is still mum about the plans this year. But if history suggests, it should be fun! 

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For The Beach Lover

I can't stress enough how I love the beach and there is probably no other place I'd rather be if I want to relax or unwind. Needless to say, the ideal vacation for me is anywhere near a body of water so I can dip into the water or just soak up the sun. With this in mind, buying your woman the essential beach and summer wear or supplies might be a good idea for a Valentine's Day present, particularly those who love to spend time on the beach

I just recently stumbled into Soma Intimate's website and found out they have great selection on all sizes and styles. Here are my picks:

Bikini Tops

1 / 2 / 3 /4 / 5 /6

Tankini & One-Piece

1 / 2/ 3/4 /5 / 6

1 / 2

Are you summer-ready?

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Celebrity Fash: Miranda Kerr's Street Style

The Victoria's Secret angels are best known for their unbelievably gorgeous bods and looks that one would be made to question if they're real at all. But there is one angel that has proven that it's not just all about high fashion if you want to turn heads - Miranda Kerr. I've been drawn to her style because, surprisingly enough, she has looked her best while out and about, rather than in the runway or red carpet.

It does not matter if she's doing some errands, shopping, or at the airport (even with her cute little boy in tow), she is looking effortlessly chic every single time. And so, I've looked to her (like I do with Lauren Conrad) for fashion inspirations that you can wear on a daily basis. 

Below are some of the best style ideas from Miranda Kerr that I simply adore:

 She Layers Like a Pro

She Wears Cute Jeans/Pants

She Inspires Cute Workplace Outfits

She Works the Maxi Dress on the Street

She Makes Skirts and Shorts Look Sophisticated  

Which is your favorite style signature from Miranda?
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