Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry

Giving jewelry as a gift is a time-honored tradition. In this time of the holiday season, it is a good gift idea to consider if you are simply out of ideas. It is thoughtful, practical and luxurious. If you are looking for jewelry that will appeal to any personality or age, you will find many options at Lajerrio.

If you are gifting a special someone, one of the best types of jewelry that you can give are promise rings. It is essentially a symbol of commitment between couples. It should not be confused with an engagement ring. It is simply a physical object that symbolizes devotion to each other. As the name implies, wearing it symbolizes that you are agreeing to a promise that you have made to each other.

If you think this is a good gift idea, here are a few promise rings to choose from that impress in style:

Rose Gold Art Deco 3 Piece Set
White Sapphire Silver Titanium Ring
Rose Gold Matching Couple Rings
Emerald Cut Ruby Cocktail Ring
Gold Titanium Promise Ring for Couples

Do you like to give jewelry as gifts? What type of jewelry do you like to give during the holiday season (or on special occasions)?

xo, Abby