Fash Love: Scarf Season

With the holiday season in the horizon, the temperature is starting to dip a bit, particularly during night-time. While I personally have a low tolerance for the cold temps, I guess it's a nice excuse to cuddle up at night, right? That... or to don cold weather ensembles that present another opportunity to style up your everyday looks a bit. 

One trick that has worked for me in the past is the use of scarf! Isn't it amazing how one tiny addition of a scarf can amp up your outfit and make it ultra stylish? Hence, I started scouring Express' site to find cute scarf designs to add into my cold weather fashion wishlist.

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Big fan of scarf too? What other fashion pieces do you rely on to fight off the cold temps?

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Preppy Polka

I've never been known for my preppy style but it does not hurt to experiment from time to time, does it? When I dress up, I pick items that I think would go together well and it's only later on that the theme emerges. When I grabbed this blue polka silk top and paired it with my blue strappy sandals and black leggings, then accessorized with the cross body bag, it wasn't until later that I realized the preppy vibe it had.

Nonetheless, it was one of my favorite outfit as of late. Easy to maintain. Comfortable. Do you need anymore reason than that to love an outfit?

Are you into preppy style, as well?

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My Week in Instagram

A word of warning: sorry to bore you with my instagram photos but this past week has been packed. I had a hectic week behind me with our first big step towards future planning finally put into place (thank God!) and work to accomplish left and right. It's one of those times when I realize being an adult sucks but you just got to roll with the punches. I haven't had the opportunity to document my outfits or sit down to write a blog about the ones that I did document.

1. I can't quit showering my man with praises over his tremendous improvement at taking my fashion blogger photos. He's learned a lot. Teamwork happening right here! You can check the other photos of me he took in my latest outfit post here.

2. Captured details of my outfit during the boyf's dad's birthday. We had fun eating to our heart's content and chatting up with his relatives that taking photos of my outfit completely flew off my mind. Sadly, I am terrible at selfies so I was unable to produce good enough photos to feature on the blog. Better luck next time!

3. Showed off our cooking skills when mom celebrated her birthday early last week. Here's my our specialty: gambas!

4. Got invited to the media launching of The French Baker at SM Lanang Premier. Got treated to French cuisine at its finest, pastries, and wine! The perks of being a blogger ;-)

5. The boyf and I ALWAYS set aside time to get out and spend some QT, regardless of how busy we both are. Last Saturday, we went out for a movie date (Insidious 2, by the way). I feel so bad ass having survived the first Insidious movie and The Conjuring. I know, I always like to torture myself with these horror movies. Fun night, nonetheless. We had dinner after the movie at one of our favorite restaurants - Zabadani Cafe.

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How's life treating you lately?

Easy Breezy

Even when my closet is packed, there are a few pieces that emerge as favorites that I confess to wearing again and again and again. You get the point. Then, there are also those pieces that you rely on for certain occasions or activities. When I put on this knitted shoulder, flowy top, I am taken back to summertime. I purchased this top this year and have worn it few times already, but I can tell you, it served its purpose during summer. In fact, I've dubbed it as one of my summer wardrobe essentials.

photo: taken from my instagram account @abj_castro

The flowy and cool fabric was a great escape from the summer heat. Plus, the knitted shoulder detail also exudes a sexy but comfy vibe. I loved pairing it with shorts or leggings. But I took a risk and opted to wear it even when summer is long over. I went with denim skinnies for an easy breezy day look.

Do you also have a favorite that you love wearing over and over?

September Must-Haves

When the calendar hits the -ber months, the child in me comes out and gets excited about the prospect of the holiday season! In the Philippines, it is not unlikely to hear Christmas tunes blasting in the radio this early. But I am not complaining. Christmas is always a happy time for me. I always get excited when people start counting down the days til Christmas because in my mind, I am secretly counting down the days, too.

But I digress... the kickoff of the -ber months also signify one thing for me - shopping! I always love to treat my loved ones to a shopping spree during Christmas or holidays. The boyf and my nephew are two of my most favorite people to spoil during Christmas. But I realized that maybe I need to spoil myself a little too. As early as September, I have listed some of the things that I'd like to pick up. Of course, Lulu's came in handy again because of their endless array of cute items to pick from.

Have you started filling up your Christmas wishlist yet?

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Love Me Some Lace

When in doubt, wear lace. That appears to be my styling motto as of late. That... or my undying love for lace is bound to stay there forever. And with the emergence of different pieces made from lace (from skirts to skorts, etc.), there has been a seemingly endless array of ways to style them. Hence, I continue to embrace this trend no matter what time of the year or prevailing trend might be.

Case in point: this halter lace top that I wore one day. I've had this for a long time but haven't worn it that much (or let's just say as much as my other lace pieces). So I felt like it was time to give it the love it deserved. I went for a casual look, though, because the lace detail on this top made it look very feminine. I added my statement necklace to give it some edge. A pair of denim skinnies helped to complete the look. I'd like to call it a bit more dressed up casual look.

Are you still crazy about lace? Yes? No?

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