Fash Tutorial: Smoky Eye Makeup

The smoky eye makeup is commonly seen in Hollywood with famous celebrities sporting this eye makeup on red carpet events. Indeed, this eye  makeup fad hasn't waned down a bit over the past year and now even non-celebs are trying to copy this type of eye makeup because it makes for a mysterious and exotic look. You can definitely make quite a statement even with this makeup alone, so if you can master how to do it, then you're golden

You're in luck, ladies! I've stumbled into this video tutorial from Sigma Beauty about how to do your own smoky eye makeup using the Bare Eyeshadow Palette from the site, of which you've already seen me feature here.

Ready to try this makeup style out? 

Celebrity Fash: Fash Fave & Faux Pas

I havent' had my Fashion Fave & Faux Pas in a while, but I am back this week to gush about my favorite celebrity looks. Shall we get started? 

Fash Fave

I wasn't a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence until I saw Silver Linings Playbook. She's such a natural. Plus, I find her husky voice sexy. She is hot without trying too hard. But, 'cmon, there is no point trying harder when you look as good as her. Case in point: this LBD from David Koma that she wore when attending the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards last April 20, 2013 at the JW Marriott at LA Live. Aside from her gorgeous black dress, she also stunned in her Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and a new shorter 'do.

Another favorite this week is Ali Larter. How can you not love this dress? The cut and pattern highlighted her curves in all the right places. Plus, she couldn't have paired it with a better pair of shoes! Her slightly tussled locks give a casual vibe to the outfit. 

 Faux Pas

On the other end of the spectrum, Drew Barrymore looked anything but fashionable at the red carpet for the same event. I'm not even sure this would qualify as a frock - looks more like a draped bedsheet to me. Can't decide which is the worst part of this look - the unsightly pattern, the shapeless cut, or her hair? Take your pick! I wouldn't be caught dead in this outfit heading to sleep, much more on a red carpet event!

 Which celeb is your best dressed for the week?


Fash Find: GlassesUsa.com

I first had my prescription eyeglasses when I was about 9 or 10 and had to live with the fact that people perceived me as a nerd or bookish type when I wore those specs to school. When I grew up, I ended up spending most of my time on the computer and working online did not help either. Hence, glasses had been a huge part of my life and I always have one whenever I go to work.

This look a lot like the glasses I am currently wearing.

But instead of looking at glasses as my nemesis, I have come to embrace them. If they can help protect my vision, I thought of incorporating it into my look so that it can serve its function and look fashionable, too. When I had my lenses replaced a couple of years ago, I picked out fashionable and chic glasses frames that did not look anything like what most people would think of when you mention prescription glasses.

Most people today are lucky because they can purchase from online eyeglasses shops that offer a comprehensive array of designs, colors, and styles to pick from. You can even narrow your search according to the frame type, lens type, material, frame size, color, and prices. These are options that I did not have before but gives more options for those who need to wear glasses so you won't be confined to the usual perception of how glasses should be.

Online shops like GlassesUSA.com had indeed revolutionized the way people view prescription glasses. For those of us that need to wear them on a daily basis, there is a way to wear glasses that works into your personal style. You can also try out their NEW Virtual Mirror feature so it feels like you are actually trying on their glasses! It's fun trying out these different designs - give it a shot!

It is good to have options. And this website offers plenty of them - not just for prescription but also for reading, fashion, and sunglasses! I'm particularly drooling over their cateye selection. When you need to get a new pair of glasses, they're worth a try. 

If you're interested to purchase via the site, use the code "FS15" to take 15% off + get free shipping on any order above $50. Meanwhile, use the code "Blog10" to slash 10% off on your prescription glasses order. Don't miss this opportunity to get huge savings and more options!

Think Green

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a girly-girl at heart. I do like to engage in sports on occasion, but I prefer to wear sandals, heels, and sundresses on most days. Hence, my outfit one particular day was something that might surprise many who know me. In fact, the boyf liked it so much that we had to chronicle this look. 

I wore my Green converse sneakers with skinny jeans and green Old Navy tank top. I paired it with the Michel Klein blazer that I've already featured here. This look is so uncharacteristic of me but I had so much fun tweaking my fashion choices recently that I figured I might try this kind of look again in the future. 

Are you a sneakers or sandals kind of girl?

Nautical But Nice: Spring 2013 Trend Report

The nautical trend is one of the hottest fashion trends this Spring 2013 and a lot of famous designers are showcasing this on the runway. But for the real life fashionistas, there are plenty of ways that they can showcase this look. From striped tops to fashionable pants, you can go nautical this summer to look fresh and vibrant!

Here are some pieces that I dug up online. Aren't they adorable? Be sure to check them out to add a few more nautical pieces in your wardrobe.

 Are you a fan of nautical pieces?

Summer Floral

Floral, like lace, never fails to catch my attention. So when the weather starts to heat up and I am on a mad hunt for summer dresses and flowy fabrics to wear for the hot weather days ahead, floral pieces are on top of my shopping priority list. Recently, I bought this pleated floral maxi skirt because I felt it would be a perfect choice for summer. I paired it with my new Old Navy blue tank top for the ultimate summer feel. If you love how it looks, wait til you know how comfortable it is to wear! I also went match-y for the day with my blue Faridez sandals that I already featured here. 

What did you think of my floral ensemble?

Fash Tutorial: LC's Winged Eye Liner

It's no secret that I adore Lauren Conrad's fashion sensibilities. It seems like she can't do no wrong in my book, fashionably speaking. I've turned to her for inspiration in my own everyday fashion. But here's one element to her style that I've had a hard time adapting into my own - the winged eyeliner. If you want to try this eye makeup, too, but is having a hard time, watch this video tutorial to learn how you can make your own winged eye liner makeup.

Are you a fan of Lauren's winged eye liner, too?

OOTN: Delicate Lace

Pardon my obsession love for lace. It's been my favorite for a while now and I have a sneaky suspicion it will continue to be, even when it's way past its trend prime. For today's post, I would like to feature another way that I've worn my lace top that you might've already seen me blog about here, together with my azure pants that I've featured here, as well. 

BTW, I wore this outfit on a Friday night when the boyf and I went to grab some pizza. It's been one of my recent favorites because it is comfortable to wear without losing its sense of delicateness. That explains why this fabric has been my go-to option and a staple in my closet. 

What's your closet staple?

Make a Sunny Statement

The spring/summer season is in full bloom. I've already picked up a few new items to add into my summer outfit collection, especially since I have a few beach outings/getaways in mind in the next couple of months. But I still want more! The fashion bug hit me once again when I checked Lulu's website and found cute spring pieces, mostly in mustard and yellow shades. If you're into this kind of shades, you will definitely fall in love with their pieces, too.

Ready to make a sunny statement this summer or spring 2013?

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Celebrity Fash: Azzaro RTW 2013

Azarro Spring RTW 2013 caught my eye recently. It consist of light yet eye-popping colors that are a perfect choice for spring and summer. Mathilde Castello, the Creative Director behind this collection for Azzaro, focused on iridescent colors and themes such that you will notice rich colors in long, flowy dresses made from light fabrics. Glamorous colors like silver, gold, white, and midnight blue were prevalent. Yet, modern style staples like delicate layerings, belts, soft pleats, and the likes were also making a scene. 

According to the official press release for the Azzaro Spring RTW 2013 collection, "It's all about the champagne bubbles and fireworks." To see my favorite pieces off of the collection, check them out below:

Do you share my obsession for this collection?
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Image credit: Style.com