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I first had my prescription eyeglasses when I was about 9 or 10 and had to live with the fact that people perceived me as a nerd or bookish type when I wore those specs to school. When I grew up, I ended up spending most of my time on the computer and working online did not help either. Hence, glasses had been a huge part of my life and I always have one whenever I go to work.

This look a lot like the glasses I am currently wearing.

But instead of looking at glasses as my nemesis, I have come to embrace them. If they can help protect my vision, I thought of incorporating it into my look so that it can serve its function and look fashionable, too. When I had my lenses replaced a couple of years ago, I picked out fashionable and chic glasses frames that did not look anything like what most people would think of when you mention prescription glasses.

Most people today are lucky because they can purchase from online eyeglasses shops that offer a comprehensive array of designs, colors, and styles to pick from. You can even narrow your search according to the frame type, lens type, material, frame size, color, and prices. These are options that I did not have before but gives more options for those who need to wear glasses so you won't be confined to the usual perception of how glasses should be.

Online shops like GlassesUSA.com had indeed revolutionized the way people view prescription glasses. For those of us that need to wear them on a daily basis, there is a way to wear glasses that works into your personal style. You can also try out their NEW Virtual Mirror feature so it feels like you are actually trying on their glasses! It's fun trying out these different designs - give it a shot!

It is good to have options. And this website offers plenty of them - not just for prescription but also for reading, fashion, and sunglasses! I'm particularly drooling over their cateye selection. When you need to get a new pair of glasses, they're worth a try. 

If you're interested to purchase via the site, use the code "FS15" to take 15% off + get free shipping on any order above $50. Meanwhile, use the code "Blog10" to slash 10% off on your prescription glasses order. Don't miss this opportunity to get huge savings and more options!


  1. I have worn glasses since the age of 13 and for a while I really hated them, but my husband thinks its great as he sees them as another fashion accessory. There is so much more choice of frames now and with online retailers it is even better. x

  2. Hey thanks for swinging by my blog.


    I really like what they were selling as a company and loved the approach to it.


  3. I love that you can order and save $$$ on prescription eyeglass wear, which is something totally fits my style. Great product review for GlassesUSA.com!

    Cathy Kennedy's Blog

  4. nice review and love the glasses you chose too cute

  5. The glasses are sharp looking, without a doubt. I found even better buys at www.eyeglassuniverse.com after shopping at glassesusa.


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