Pampering Gifts for Valetine's Day

Flowers or chocolates are nice. But honestly, I am not that type who like receiving these kinds of gifts. I would much prefer getting pampering gifts - stuff that I could actually use. And my husband knows it too well so he has taken a hint over the past few years. You know the type - shower gel, body scrubs, scented candles. These win me over!

If you are this type, too, you might want to send over these items to your man:

French Girl Organics Sea Soak
Organic Blendz Coffee Body Scrub
The Face Shop Green Tea Face Mask
Kai Reed Diffuser
The Candleroom Lavender Essential Oil
Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Night Fragrance Lotion
Little Giraffe Chenille Robe

What other types of gifts do you like to receive, especially on Valentine's Day?

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xo, Abby

Floral Maxi Romper: Two of My Fave in One

First and foremost, pardon for not having proper outfit shots. I was on full vacation mode while in Boracay that taking photos of what I was wearing was the last thing on my mind. I just needed to share this look on the blog because this maxi romper is one of my favorite things to wear recently.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Floral Off Shoulder Maxi Romper
It took me a long time to give into buying this maxi romper. I love wearing a maxi dress and romper, but at first I thought it was somewhat ridiculous to combine the two. To my surprise, putting this on felt so comfortable. When you're on vacation and you spend a lot of time walking around, you will appreciate how comfortable this outfit can be. I like that you can get the comfort of wearing shorts but also the fashionable touch of wearing an off-shoulder maxi dress. It felt so summer-y and beach-y, which truly made it an essential in my packing list.

Lastly, anyone who has read this blog before knows how big of a fan I am of any floral prints. The summery floral print with the vibrant burgundy was begging to be on my vacation packing list! I can't deny that this was one of my favorite outfits that I wore during our most recent vacation. At only a little over $25, the fabric felt more expensive than it really is. That is a good deal in my book!

Shop Other Maxi Rompers...

I know I am a bit late to the trend, but I wanted to ask: would you wear the maxi romper trend?

xo, Abby

Valentine's Day Dresses for Every Type of Woman

Valentine's Day is slowly but surely creeping up on us. Hence, I bring you the first edition of Valentine's Day posts. While some of us would deny celebrating Valentine's Day, you cannot deny that you want to go extra in celebrating this special occasion. You have one day to make things extra special to celebrate your relationship with that special someone. It does not hurt to dress up a little and enjoy that romantic night looking your best. After all, as the old adage says, the better you look, the better you feel too!

I've included some tips for dressing for Valentine's Day according to your style preference and personality.

The Classic

TOP: Cupcakes & Cashmere Valet Dress / BB Dakota Alayna Velvet Dress / Shein Asymmetric Dress / Cupcakes & Cashmere CHER Dress
BOTTOM: Cupcakes & Cashmere ZODY Dress / Shein Plunge Neck Maxi Dress / BB Dakota Candler Midi Dress / Shein Fishtail Dress

If you prefer the classic style, you might find yourself gravitating towards the classic dress styles such as the LBD or the red dress. There is no shame for opting for these classic styles - after all, they're called classic for a reason! This type of classic dresses are going to give you that classic glow for your Valentine's Day date. Hence, it is a safe choice regardless of where you plan to have your Valentine's Day dinner date in.

Modern Woman

TOP:  Shein Faux Feather Bottom Dress / Shein Suede Dress / Shein Bardot Dress / Lulu's Burgundy Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
BOTTOM: Lulu's Royal Blue Maxi Dress / Shein Ruffle Hem Cami Dress / Shein Choker Dress / Lulu's Navy Blue Maxi Dress

Consider yourself a modern woman? You might be keen on trying bolder styles for your Valentine's Day date. Break out of the norm. Step out in these fun but daring styles for Valentine's Day.

Vintage Woman

TOP: Mod & Soul Fringe Dress / Mod & Soul Floral Maxi Dress / BB Dakota Ruffle Dress / BB Dakota Printed Ruffle Dess
BOTTOM: BB Dakota Printed Chiffon Dress / Lulu's Navy Polka Dress / BB Dakota Off Shoulder Dress / Lulu's Satin Wrap Dress

I would like to consider myself a vintage soul. If you consider yourself one, there are plenty of vintage styles out there you can choose from to wear for Valentine's Day. The best thing about vintage dresses is that they are easy to incorporate into modern styles. Hence, you can add a retro vibe to your modern dress styles.

Which of these dress styles do you prefer?

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xo, Abby

Zaful Swimwear Review + One Shoulder Bikinis You'll Want NOW

Zaful Orange Scalloped Swimwear is available here  ($20 ONLY)
Just a few weeks ago, I was talking about NYE outfits and now I can't believe that summer is on the horizon. It is a hot season for traveling and getaways (pun intended); hence, I'd like to get an early head start when it comes to planning summer getaways. Case in point: shopping for a swimwear. I am pretty sure that a beach getaway will be in the book for any of your future summer plans. Hence, I wanted to share my thoughts on this swimwear that I got from Zaful.

Zaful Scalloped One-Shoulder Swimwear / Floppy Hat (similar- red not available)
I packed this one shoulder scalloped swimwear on our recent trip to Boracay for our second wedding anniversary. I got a lot of compliment wearing it and is definitely one of my favorite purchases from Zaful to date. The color is as vibrant as I hoped or expected. The material is also of solid construction, which is impressive for its price. I like the snug fit too. It gives you more confidence when swimming or doing water activities that it will stay on. Gladly, I didn't do anything too active during my time in Boracay last December. Nonetheless, it helped to keep my swimming style on point. I was a bit skeptical about trying on a one-shoulder swimsuit but I am glad I did.

I couldn't speak highly enough of this swimwear especially for its price point. If you are interested to get my swimwear, it is also available in a few other color options such as blackish green, burgundy, grey olive, and merlot.

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xo, Abby

How to Wear the Pearls Trend This 2018

Pearls is as classic as it can get. I have a go-to pearl stud earrings that I wear on most days that I don't like to dress it up with statement earrings, or I want to add a classic touch to my outfit. You simply cannot go wrong with pearls! One of the reasons why pearls are classic is due to the fact that designers have managed to reinvent it all the time. Adding a modern twist to pearl is through the use of it as embellishment to common fashion pieces.

The ladylike pearl embellished effect is seeing a new resurgence in 2017. However, fashion experts predict that it will continue to ride the fashion wave in 2018. Personally, it is one trend that I cannot wait to dig my hands into. These are some of the top fashion pieces featuring the pearl embellished trend that I am excited to try.

Top to Bottom: Black Pearl Beret / Pearl Flat Sandals / Bardot Pearl Dress / Pearl Split Sleeve Blouse / Pearl Studded Pouch / Pearl Crop Top / Pearl Midi SkirtSilk City Mule with Pearls

What are your thoughts on the pearl embellished trend?

xo, Abby