Sporty Chic

Growing up, my fave Spice Girl was Sporty Spice. Even though I am a girly girl, I do believe that I have a sporty side to me as well. I like to engage in sports (particularly basketball and volleyball - both to play and watch). In fact, a few people are surprised to know that I was actually part of the varsity women's volleyball team in our school. That is one side of me that I like to unleash from time to time.

Dress: Newchic (c/o)
Bag: Kate Spade
Espadrilles: Soludos
Watch: JORD (c/o)
Earrings: Soufeel (c/o)

I also like to extend my sporty side when it comes to fashion. Sure, I love wearing heels and pointy flats to create a feminine look, but I like to trade that with espadrilles and sneakers from time to time. This look showcases those days. I wore this knit sporty dress with my new fave comfort shoes from Soludos. When I purchased this particular shoes, I only had one thing in mind: summer. It is super comfortable and easy to style - such a versatile piece. But I had to say, pairing it with this Newchic dress is my favorite. I suggest you check out Newchic - I have to confess I did not keep my expectations up. But they blew me away! All the pieces I got were of excellent quality given the corresponding price tag.

Do you have a sporty side, too?

Shoespie Tips: How to Wear Platform Shoes

Let's be straightforward - platform heels are not suited for everybody. They are cool and super daring. But no matter how stylish platform shoes look, they can be a challenge to wear. Deciding what to wear with platform shoes is one of the biggest fashion questions women face. And how do you keep it from looking ridiculous? If you pull it off, you can wear platform sandals or heels and make them look chic and comfortable. 

Wear it during summer. Platform shoes, such as wedges and sandals, are great addition to your summer wardrobe. Wearing heels during summer might not be the smartest idea. But with platform sandals, you can add a few inches to your height and make your summer outfit look a little more dressed up than usual. Choose styles that are complementary to your summer outfit such as bright colors or floral patterned ones to add some funk without compromising comfort.

Keep them understated. One of the things that make platform shoes difficult to wear is that they create quite a statement. But you can downplay your style by opting for understated styles. If you are intimidated to try this particular shoe trend, then you can opt for ones with minimal accents or neutral colored ones.

Choose soles made out of corks. They are suited for summer and more forgiving on your feet, especially during summer wherein you are going to spend a lot of time walking around.

Platform Sandals

You can shop more platform sandals here:

Platform Heels

You can shop more platform heels here:

With the styling tips above and the platform shoes I've picked, you will hopefully be inspired to try this shoe trend. You can see more platform heels and sandals at

How would you wear this type of shoe?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post; however, the opinion expressed are my own.

Wishlist: Swim Essentials

A trip to the beach or pool is part of the agenda for summer. With the heat rising up at this early point in the year, it just makes me anticipate swim time some more. And when you are headed to the beach, it is a must to stock up on a few essentials such as a swimwear set (two piece bikini or a one-piece), a beach coverup, and a beach tote that will carry them around. A one piece, to be specific, is something that I wanted to try because I haven't worn one since I was way back in grade school. A new wave of trendy one piece swimwear has hit the scene and I'd like to get my hands on a few (listed them below).


6 Shore Road by Pooja Bikini / Solid & Striped Bandeau Bikini / Kate Spade New Yok Underwire Bikini
MIKOH Marrakesh Crop Bikini / Tory Burch Bandeau Color Block Bikini / Norma Kamali Bikini


Pitusa Coverup / OndadeMar Hawaiian Bloom Caftan / Luli Fama Pom Pom Poncho

One Piece 

Mara Hoffman Peacock Buster Swimsuit / Araks One Piece Swimwear / Shoshanna Tropical Monokini 

Loeffler Randall Beach Tote / Zhuu Beach Tote / Sensi Studio Pineapple Tote / Mara Hoffman Floral Tote

Don't be late on your summer shopping! I'm pretty sure my next shopping haul will be all about summer items!

Cocomelody Tips: How to Wear Open Back Wedding Dresses

The pressure to look your best on your wedding day is paramount. After all, it is the most important day in your adult life! But when it comes to wearing backless wedding dresses, not all brides might be comfortable with the idea. And yet, it is also one way to achieve a sexy, sultry and dramatic look on your wedding day. The gorgeous view of your back and the beautiful silhouette created by your dress looks even more dramatic as you walk down the aisle. With these tips, you will be able to rock an open back wedding dress with more confidence. 

Tip 1: Get sculpted.

If you've ever wondered how those famous celebrities looked stunning in their sexy backless wedding dresses, it's because they have made fitness their number one priority. You can tuck the extra love handles in, but it is impossible to do that all day. Hence, put in the hours at the gym months before your wedding day so you can look your best.

Tip 2: Maintain your glowing complexion.

Aside from a sculpted back, a glowing complexion is another important factor to pull off a backless wedding dress. Make it a part of your wedding preparation to invest in your skin. Stay hydrated, exfoliate your skin, use skin moisturizers and get adequate sleep few days before your wedding day.

Tip 3: Wear the right underwear.

This is one of the biggest questions women face when wearing backless wedding dresses - what type of bra to wear? Not all women are comfortable with going bra-less, especially on such an important occasion. Thankfully, there are plenty of options nowadays including strapless silicone bras that secure the front of your gown without showing off unsightly straps. 

Tip 4: Highlight your other beautiful features.

One way to pull off an open back dress, especially if your back is not your most favorite feature, is to take attention away by showing off your assets. Is it your legs? Or your neck? Either way, you can choose a gown that comes with a slit to show off your lengthy limbs or a sweetheart neckline dress to show off your gorgeous neckline. 

When it comes down to it, you should just be comfortable in the dress you chose. Do not choose anything that you aren't comfortable with. Open back wedding dresses from Cocomelody are sexy and sultry; but if that isn't your style, don't force it! For great deals on wedding dresses, check this promo:

Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post; however, the opinion expressed are my own.

Maxi Dress & Thoughts on Self Confidence

I might sound like a broken record player when I say this, but maxi dresses have become my ultimate favorite. This type of dress makes me feel like all dolled up with little to no effort, which is mainly what and why I love them so much. Since my first maxi dress, I have been addicted and continue to “hoard” them. But more than comfort and style, there is a certain confidence that I feel when I wear a maxi dress. 

Dress: Shein (only $16.99!!)
Watch: JORD (c/o)
Necklace: Rings & Tings (c/o) and ZNU (c/o)

And I think that we all should have that type of dress or clothing. You know, the type that makes you feel good about yourself. That is one aspect about personal style that a lot of us often overlook, or not pay as much attention as we should – the enhanced feeling of self-confidence. I will spare you the blabber about styling. You make your own rules. Wear what you like. Wear it with confidence. If you think you look good (and you feel good wearing it), you will look good. Trust me. After all, style is subjective.

That is exactly what I felt when I put this dress on. I feel feminine, I feel sexy. I find myself constantly reaching for it in my closet. It’s also less than $20 so there was no second guessing myself when I added this to my cart.

What type of clothing gives you a heightened level of self-confidence? 

Blogger 101: How to Support Other Bloggers

source unknown

Whoever said or thought that blogging is a competition is dead wrong. I might sound hypocritical but never did I ever feel like I had to compete with any blogger. I guess I am lucky to be able to get that kind of perspective; after all, it was primarily after reading a fashion blogger that I got inspired to start my own so maybe that is where most of the feeling is from (and I am so glad I have retained that kind of feeling about this whole fashion blogging venture). As I said in my previous Blogging 101 post on Fashion Blog Opportunities, I think most of the blog jealousy and competition springs from the sense of having to compete with other bloggers for these opportunities. But I beg you, don't. The world wide web and fashion industry combine to offer an endless array of opportunities for everyone. You might not get the same opportunities or collaborations that one blogger is having, yet you also have your own set of collaborations that they don't have (and maybe even dream of having).

I would like to steer this conversation towards a more positive light - let's all show support towards our fellow bloggers. Here are some of the ideas I've thought of:

Talk About Them in Your Blog

I used to do a segment here in my blog called "Style Crush" (you can see my latest installment here). From reading fashion blogs every week, there are a few looks that stand out in my mind and I get so inspired by, which is how I come up with the list of bloggers to feature in this series. There are several other ways you can share the love on your blog and help your fellow blogger gain exposure. One of the fun things I was able to take out from doing this series is when other bloggers leave a comment saying they've never heard of the bloggers I've featured and are excited to read more from them, which is exactly the whole point of doing the post in the first place. 

Read Their Blogs (and Comment)

This is the easiest way to show support for other bloggers and I do this often. Every day, I read about 10-20 blogs on my free time (or I try to squeeze it into my schedule). It is fun and a great way to immerse into the blogging community, or meet blogging friends!

Join Their Linkups

source unknown

I do have a few bloggers hosting linkups that I regularly join in. Again, like blog commenting, this is a great way to become involved in the blogging community. You can see the full list of linkups I join in regularly here

Share Their Content

If you liked a blog post that another blogger wrote, share it on your social media accounts. Or, you can also re-tweet or share their other posts. If you find something of value to you and to your own followers, this is a worthwhile move. It is also a great way to capture the other blogger's attention and they would be more than happy to reciprocate. Just don't forget to mention them when sharing your post!

Buy Stuff They Blog About

Contrary to what is being written about fashion bloggers (maybe it could be true for select bloggers), but we don't earn six-figure income from our blogs. Most of us, like me, do this for a hobby only and any other earnings are considered a bonus. Therefore, it is a good way to show support to your favorite blogs to buy through their affiliate links, especially if you intend to buy the items they featured anyway. You are still going to get the item you intended to buy and help out a blogger in return!

In this world where the comparison game is as strong as ever, it is your turn to change the tides. We all need cheerleaders. But before you can get a cheerleader, we have to become a cheerleader first. 

How do you support your favorite bloggers?

Summer Essential: Sunglasses

If there is one accessory that I can’t live without during summer, it would be sunglasses. In fact, it is an essential all year round. I always carry a pair with me when I step out of the house because it serves two purposes. First off, it makes for a great complementing accessory to your outfit. And second, it protects your eyes from the heat. When you’re living in a tropical country, you will understand what I mean by this.

I’ve collected a few sunglasses from Sunnies Studios (get 15% off with code ZBAPZD4H at Zalora), which is a local sunglasses designer. But I would like to opt for higher end brands to ensure more quality, durability and timeless style to complement my summer outfit. Below are just a few of the sunglasses that I’ve had my eye on:

What is your favorite sunglasses brand of all time?