Puff Skirt Love

A trusty skirt is one of those things that should not be missing in any girl's closet, in my opinion. If you're into feminine style, like myself, having just one piece of skirt is not enough. There has to be one of everything! True enough, you can find every imaginable type of skirt in my closet - skater, bandage, pencil, and puff skirt! Hey, don't judge!

Actually, the newest addition into my growing collection of skirts was gifted to me by a friend. Oh, how I love friends who give me stuffs that I really like! This leaves me to wonder, though, if I'd been as good of a gift-giver... but I digress. This two-tone puff skirt is a dream. First off, it's cobalt. COBALT. My favorite shade of blue. The other hue is black, which gives it a classic touch without losing that trendy look. 

Puff skirts are usually very feminine looking, though, so I gave a fun twist to my look with a red & white striped top and some statement jewels. Black flat shoes completed my look for a fun, girly, and somewhat bubbly work wear.

What's your take on puff skirt? Yay or nay?


Petite Dress Shopping Tips via TBDress.com

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. But let’s admit – whether you’re plus sized or petite, there is always that question lurking in your mind about whether you’ve chosen the right size and fit for your body shape. A simple look in the mirror just often isn’t enough.

And the good news is petite fashion does not have to equal matronly. It might require some trial and error but with the wide range of options such as TBDress.com offering petite long formal dresses, or other types of apparel, it shouldn’t be that hard anymore. I mean, just check out this outstanding selection: http://www.tbdress.com/Petite-Formal-Gowns/

Here are some a few tips that will help you gain more confidence in choosing and wearing dresses for your petite frame:

1. Monochrome outfits work best for petite frames. If you are not comfortable with a monochrome look, try to keep as little color as possible in your choice of outfits.

2. If you love dresses and you’re petite, you can heave a sigh of relief – fashion experts agree that dresses normally work well for petite frames. If you can find a dress that will create this nice silhouette, this will create the illusion of more length for your body.

3. Be patient in finding the right fit. This cannot be more important for any other sizes but petite frames. You would not want to strut in ill-fitting clothes like you borrowed from your mother or older sister, do you?

4. Always pair your dresses with heels. To maximize your dress, invest in heels that will make you look taller. But try to stick within your range too, as anything beyond 5 inches tall can look out of proportion.

5. Vertical patterns are a good investment. It’s visual technique in play here. The vertical patterns make your body appear longer.

6. When picking out tops, make sure they cut right above your hip line. Anything that falls below this line will cut your legs even shorter.

7. Be easy on the layering, as well as your use of bold accessories.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to experiment with your look even when you are petite. It is all about learning the rules and bending them just a little bit to accommodate your own unique style. However, try not to stray away from these rules so you do not end up looking like you wore dresses one size higher.

Still looking for the perfect dress for your petite frame? TBDress.com is a good place to start. They have plenty of options for all sizes such as the petite dresses, or even maternity dresses here: http://www.tbdress.com/Evening-maternity-dresses/. It is all about finding what reflects your style and wearing it well!

Are you petite? What’s the most difficult part of shopping for your size?


Red Fringe

I used to be scared to wear red because I felt that the hue was too dominating or even intimidating. But since I've become obsessed (yes, I feel like this is a reasonable term to use) with bold, red lipstick shades, I took the chance and figured maybe I can pull off red, too. Since then, I've been a fan! The bolder and darker the hue is, the better!

Today, I am showcasing another red dress. I decided to go overboard with this whole red thing by wearing deep red nails and bold red lipstick. I accessorized this dress with my favorite mixed print scarf and cinched the waist with a braided belt (since the fringe details can make the dress look wider on the hip area). 

This fringed dress has a boho chic vibe to it that drew me quickly when I saw it online. Yet, it has come as a surprise to me why it spent most of it's time in my closet. Some dresses just don't get the credit they deserve, do they? The last and only time I remember wearing this was for my friend's bridal shower and that was over a year ago!

As you can see, this dress holds lot of memories for me. Don't you think it's fun when certain dresses have that effect on you? Or am I just being too melodramatic? Either way, I can't deny that I am a big fan of red dresses!

Are you a fan of red hues too?


Persunmall Wishlist for January: Arm Candies

This is not the first time that I am going to feature Persunmall in this blog. Since I was first introduced, I had been secretly stalking their website for new and chic items to get inspiration from. But the array of chic and trendy items is only half of the fact that make Persunmall a worthwhile website to go window shopping or shopping! The reasonably priced items also set them apart in the world of online shopping.

Thus, I have compiled a list of items on my wishlist for January that I am wishing would magically appear in my jewelry box. Seriously... I want every piece! Check out my picks below and I've opted to categorize them so it is easier to find a style that would suit my chosen look for any given day.

Clockwise: Trapezoid Flexible Pink Bracelet / Vintage Flexible Bracelet in Purple / Beautiful Seven Rose Flower Bracelet

Clockwise: Europe Retro Rhinestone Link Bracelet / Retro Cone Double Side Arrowhead Bracelet / Punk Style Metal Annular Bracelet

Clockwise: Delicate Shiny Rhinestone Bracelet / Golden Snake Pattern Pearl Bracelet / Colorful Elastic Bracelet with Rhinestone

What's your arm candy style?


A Look Back on Holidays 2013

Can you believe the holidays are over? The past three weeks leading into the Christmas and New Year's celebration happened as a blur. However, that does not mean that I was unable to make the most of the holidays and take it in. In most cases, that is the only break that we get with a super hectic schedule throughout the year. At the same time, we do not want it to stop because it holds dear memories to all of us, whether current or past holidays.

I feel the same way. Even though the Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world (heads up - celebration or commemoration of the Christmas season embarks on September), it still does not feel long enough. I credit most of that to the value that my family has placed on celebrating the holidays and what it truly means - not just the gifts and the feast! It is a celebration of blessings that we had received throughout the year.

And so, in place of my usual weekly posts on Instagram, I am taking this opportunity to highlight my favorite holidays 2013 memories via Instagram or otherwise.

 Giving Gifts to Loved Ones

Buying gifts has become a holiday tradition in the family. I like to spoil my loved ones particularly my nephew and my niece. But over the years, my family had branched out. We started wrapping gifts for relatives as well. We then put them together under the tree to make it look more festive at home. But this year, I also got my nephew a Christmas sock (due to his insistence) and he was very anxious about digging his hands into the sock for his Christmas surprise. Love it! 

PS - Also brought a surprise to my boyf's family - a dozen cupcakes with adorable Christmas fondant cupcake toppers!

Lunch Dates Tradition

In the 7 years we've been together, we always cherish the moment we get to spend holidays together. This is already our 8th together and yet we still continue on with our tradition - lunch dates. The Christmas and New Year's Eve are spent with our respective families, that's why. But we still love the quality time we get to spend together during this special time of the year.

Quality Time Off

A refreshing drink. Play time with my nephew and niece. My favorite show. What else can I ask for?

Beef Lasagna
Chicken Salad Croissant

Celebrating Relationship Milestones

Over the holidays, we celebrated our 85th month together! It's crazy how we just celebrated our 7th anniversary and a month had already gone by... but this certainly called for celebration! We also got click-happy over these adorable display of Sanrio characters!

New Year, New Start

2014 is a brand new start for me. I have plenty of goals set up and it literally signals a fresh start to make those goals happen. To say I am excited is an understatement.

If you want to see bits and pieces of my life (of which I share a few moments of), be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram. You can find me here.

What's your favorite memory of the 2013 holidays?