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Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. But let’s admit – whether you’re plus sized or petite, there is always that question lurking in your mind about whether you’ve chosen the right size and fit for your body shape. A simple look in the mirror just often isn’t enough.

And the good news is petite fashion does not have to equal matronly. It might require some trial and error but with the wide range of options such as offering petite long formal dresses, or other types of apparel, it shouldn’t be that hard anymore. I mean, just check out this outstanding selection:

Here are some a few tips that will help you gain more confidence in choosing and wearing dresses for your petite frame:

1. Monochrome outfits work best for petite frames. If you are not comfortable with a monochrome look, try to keep as little color as possible in your choice of outfits.

2. If you love dresses and you’re petite, you can heave a sigh of relief – fashion experts agree that dresses normally work well for petite frames. If you can find a dress that will create this nice silhouette, this will create the illusion of more length for your body.

3. Be patient in finding the right fit. This cannot be more important for any other sizes but petite frames. You would not want to strut in ill-fitting clothes like you borrowed from your mother or older sister, do you?

4. Always pair your dresses with heels. To maximize your dress, invest in heels that will make you look taller. But try to stick within your range too, as anything beyond 5 inches tall can look out of proportion.

5. Vertical patterns are a good investment. It’s visual technique in play here. The vertical patterns make your body appear longer.

6. When picking out tops, make sure they cut right above your hip line. Anything that falls below this line will cut your legs even shorter.

7. Be easy on the layering, as well as your use of bold accessories.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to experiment with your look even when you are petite. It is all about learning the rules and bending them just a little bit to accommodate your own unique style. However, try not to stray away from these rules so you do not end up looking like you wore dresses one size higher.

Still looking for the perfect dress for your petite frame? is a good place to start. They have plenty of options for all sizes such as the petite dresses, or even maternity dresses here: It is all about finding what reflects your style and wearing it well!

Are you petite? What’s the most difficult part of shopping for your size?


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