Celebrity Hair Icon: Julianne Hough

Last year, I cut my hair short for the first time in like 20 years! I had always been a  fan of long hair because I felt like it provided more versatility when it comes to everyday styling. But thanks to Jennifer Lawrence's super chic long bob, she convinced me to finally let go of my long locks and sport a bob (with bangs to boot!). I blogged about that here. I loved rocking the short hair for a while because I felt empowered and the timing was fortunate because a lot of famous celebrities were rocking the short 'do. 

From Beach-y Casual Part 1
From Beach-y Casual Part 2

When my hair length started the re-growth phase though, I admit I had trouble keeping up with it. I did not know what to do with it. It was not long enough to be tied up into a ponytail or a bun. The bangs, as it grew, became seriously annoying. It kept blocking my eye (I had a side bang) and it was difficult to get it out of the way. Eventually, I switched to wearing buns  (when it grew a few inches longer) with headbands just so I can get it out of the way. But as I dealt with the awkward re-growth phase, I was tempted to cut it short again. The boyf, though, had different ideas since he said he missed my long hair and I kind of agreed with him - I was longing for my long hair, too. Hence, I have decided to grow it back so I can get a new color and maybe curl it. 

Thankfully, I discovered some excellent hairstyle ideas from Julianne Hough. I refer to her now as my celebrity hair icon. Seriously, she rocks some seriously gorgeous 'dos.. all. the. time! Her long bobs are chic and sassy! I wish I had her hairstylist! Check out below some of my favorite hairstyles she has sported over the years as they had been my go-to for inspiration on styling my own.

Romantic Wispy Bob
Lob with Soft Waves
Super Sleek Long Bob
Highly Volumised Long Bob
Blunt Bob (and killer red lips!!)
Layered Long Hair

Which of these hairstyles are your favorite?


Everyday Glam

It is not everyday that you get to dress glam. But that does not mean that I shy away from infusing glam elements into my everyday outfit. Admittedly, my fashion style is leaned towards girly and delicate pieces (hence explains my love for lace, floral and dresses). 

This is one of my favorite outfit that I had recently put together. I realized that I haven't had much use out of this lace top in a while. So, I figured I can play around with this puff skirt, which in itself looks ultra feminine. Additional feminine pieces such as my floral flats and pink necklace created the finishing touches for this look. I so loved this look that I might try it again soon.

What do you think? Do you fancy wearing glam outfit or is casual more your cup of tea?


Life Lately: Instagram

The month of April and May went like a blur for me. Even though May is not officially over yet, we're already halfway there and it will only be a matter of time until June arrives (not that I hate the prospect). The good thing is that I can look back at those times with a huge smile on my face. Allow my Instagram photos to tell the story of my life during summer so far.

My nephew turned 8. That is a BIG deal for this aunt who cannot get over the fact that my baby is growing up so fast. 8! That feels to me like he just turned 21. I am just trying to make the most of our time together until comes the time he finds it "uncool" to kiss and hug me...in public! (insert sniffing here)

Graduation season inspired nostalgia. I cannot believe I've been out of school for 7 years now. A cousin of mine also completed college and it reminded me how important that was and how accomplished it made me feel. Congrats to the graduates of UP Mindanao! Continue making UP proud :)

Indulging in all things summer, like swimming, enjoying a cool lime drink or some frozen dessert.

We celebrated another relationship milestone. After 7 years and 5 months, I feel so lucky that the boyf still loves taking me out on dates especially during special days. 

Dragon Boat Festival Week. This was the highlight of my summer thus far. I have always been the boyf's biggest fan but this was a one-of-a-kind experience that I will always remember with extreme pride and jubilation. Now, he and his team are back to training and I cannot wait for the next event - I'll for sure be on the sidelines cheering him (and his team!) on.

..because he insisted on having a photo with me :)

What have you been up to lately? Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get the latest updates on my life and blog!


Styling a Denim Vest

A denim vest is an indispensable item in any woman's closet. It adds warmth into your look minus the bulkiness that goes with denim jackets or cardigans. But what I love most about a denim vest is its ability to add a touch of grungy edge to an outfit. 

The versatility of a denim vest is also worth noting. It can be worn as the star of your outfit or used as an accessory piece. For this particular look, I opted for the latter. The acid wash effect and cropped length definitely brings forth that casual touch to the accessory. Hence, it was a no-brainer pick for me when I was formulating this look in my mind as I wanted to tone down this floor-sweeping skirt. A strappy sandal completed this ensemble to infuse a bit of glam into something casual.

There are so many styling ideas you can experiment with a denim vest (especially a cropped one). Hence, it is one trend that is worth investing in. 

What is your favorite way to style a denim vest?