Reinventing My Look

For most of my life, I've sported long hair styled with curls at the ends or colored in different ways to revamp my look. But over the weekend, I probably made the most drastic change to my hairstyle that I haven't had the guts to do in years - cut it short! Eeeek! The thought of it scared me the whole week leading up to my date at the salon. But I just braved it because I wanted to try out something different. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence rocked her new shorter, layered cut that I got so inspired to try short, too!

This... is the result. A short, faux bob hairstyle with bangs! Whoa! Last time I tried bangs and had hair this short was in grade school, probably. That is a looong time! Thankfully, the boyf smiled at me after ending my session at the salon and told me he loved it! That is all that mattered to me. Ha!

In keeping with the context of reinvention, I too reinvented my outfit featured in this post. This top isn't technically a top - it's a dress! I had a bodice LBD that I wore a couple of years ago with dramatic shoulder details, of which you might remember be wearing on my 2010 office Christmas Party at Royal Mandaya Hotel. Because I wasn't into wearing a dress that particular day, I decided to fold the bottom half to make it look like a top. I then paired it with my light denim jeans for a casual and polished look. 

What's the biggest fashion or personal style reinvention you've done?

Balloon It Up!

Spring is almost over in the US; hence, I took the time to do some spring cleaning in my closet over the past weekend. I have the tendency to hoard items that I no longer wear, which I find ridiculous given that I don't wear most of them on a regular basis. I decided to keep most of the items I no longer use in a separate storage so that my regular closet can have more space in it for the stuffs that I actually do wear! 

Lo and behold, I found about 20 or so items that I forgot I have and that I thought would be a good addition to my regular wear! I suggest you do the same, too, because you will be quite surprised to see what you can find in there and there won't be a need to shop for new items in a month or so! Check out my earlier outfit post that resulted from me scouring my closet for these items here.

Anyways, I had stumbled into this balloon style dress that I bought about a year ago but I had worn for only a couple of times tops! I styled it with my braided belt to give definition to the waist area since balloon dresses tend to be a bit wider on the midsection. I also paired the dress with my neon flats because I was out for a casual date at that time.

Have you done some spring cleaning yet?

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Maxi Lovin'

Next week, I am beach bound! The boyf told me earlier this week that we will be having a getaway to make the most of the summer before it's over. We both had such a great time last time so we both vowed to go back to the beach! And I can't be more excited! However, I have a dilemma because I'm looking for the perfect outfit to wear on our beach date. I am in search of a maxi, in particular, and while I already have one I am looking for a new and more updated style. 

I will be off to the mall later today to start the mad hunt. I only have about a week left to do my shopping before our scheduled trip to the beach! Hope I can make it on time (fingers crossed). Meantime, here are some maxis I browsed online for some inspiration:

Are you on the maxi train, too?

Lust-List for Summer 2013

With the summer heat beating on you, the last thing you'd want is to be uncomfortable in your wardrobe. A casual and comfy summer wear is indeed a must for those who are like me that like to spend time outdoors during summer to enjoy the sun or be out on the beach. But while you want to be comfortable, that's no excuse to let your fashion fly out the window. Luckily, some of my favorite shops have a huge array of fashionable items for me to ogle on.

May is still not over so it's not too late yet to stock up on summer fashion items. Here are some that I will be sure to pack on my next trip to the beach:

Get Dressed Up!


What's in your summer lust-list this year?

Celebrity Fash Overload

It's no secret that I love celebrity fashion. I look to famous celebs for inspirations and ideas on latest fash trends. Hence, you can only imagine my excitement when two major events took place over the weekend that gave me more than enough fill on celebrity fashion. Check out below for my picks:

2013 Billboard Music Awards

 2013 Cannes Film Festival

Which celebrity was your best-dressed for these events?

Snakeskin + Green

I have a confession to make: I hate wearing high heels! I would wear them only on ocassion because my feet and high heels are not, let's put it as this, exactly besties. However, there are days wherein high heels are my only possible option for footwear. I also have a huge selection of pointed pumps in my closet. I have a basic black and nude ones, but I just recently added a new one to my growing collection. Quite ironic, huh? 

My newest pointed pumps come with a snakeskin texture and brown color. I love shoes that make a statement in and of itself. And this one does quite the same! I wore it to work one day pairing it with a basic, loose green top and skinny jeans. You can't get more casual than that!

What's your favorite new purchase?