WIshlist: Fashionable Cuffs

It's no secret that I have a slight obsession for statement necklaces and earrings. But if there is one type of jewelry that I haven't had much love for, it has got to be bracelet. I do like to adorn myself with arm candies once in a while but it is often regarded as an afterthought, not something that I would take into consideration when planning an outfit. Hence, I looked around the bracelet section at Shopbop's website to look for new styles that might inspire me to start a new collection. I ended up looking at cuff bracelets and found myself drawn to them. There is a cross between edgy and glam style that quickly caught my attention. 

Below are some of the pieces that I would like to incorporate into my outfit planning in the future. Oh yes, that pave stone cuff is definitely going to be mine soon!

Gorjana Layla Cuff Bracelet / Pearl Cuff Bracelet / Asymmetrical Pave Stone Cuff / Pierced T Cuff Bracelet / Livi Cuff Bracelet

Are you a fan of cuff bracelets, too? If yes, which of these suit your style most?

Wedding Series: Prep + THE Dress

For any woman or bride-to-be, we can all agree that the wedding dress is one of the most important detail in our entire wedding planning. At least, that was the case for me. Since we got engaged, one of the first things that we got to work on is to find my wedding dress. You can probably say that we visited every bridal shop in the city. I did have a specific style in mind even before I went shopping; however, that hardly made the search easy. I initially opted for a custom made wedding dress because I really wanted to own the dress after the wedding. However, I wanted to be practical too and the customized option is way beyond our prospected budget. Even if my fiance (now husband) was open to the idea of spending whatever it would take to achieve my dream dress, I wasn't going to let him. My dress is an RTW from David & Rachel Bridal Boutique but we opted to give it customized beaded details and adjusted for custom fit. The quoted price for the custom made dress was at PhP 40,000 (around 900 USD) and my wedding dress was only at PhP 20,000 (around 450 USD). It was such a great deal!

There are also two versions of my dress: the first one comes with a mesh insert with lace appliques. The other one is the sweetheart neckline strapless gown with mermaid tulle skirt. Naturally, I had to change my hairstyles to suit the dress. For the church version of the dress, I wore an updo and changed it to a wavy hairstyle for the reception to create a more relaxed look.

The groom, however, wore a custom made Armani suit from David & Rachel Bridal Boutique:

You can check out a few more photos from the wedding prep:

Groom and family
Bride and parents

The next update will be the final update in this wedding series. I will be sharing photos from the reception!

Blogger 101: How to Overcome Instagram Pressure


If Instagram was any evidence, keeping up with the Joneses is not easy. It never was. Today's society has become so engrossed with materialism and social media was no help at all. In fact, it only encouraged social approval and fueled desire for validation based on what is seen aka the material things. If you are a personal style blogger, like myself, who had to use the app (Instagram) to promote your blog, you might have felt the pressure to keep up as well. 

Therefore, I felt the need to share my thoughts about Instagram and this whole social media culture. Remember the time when catching up on each other's lives meant inviting your friends over for dinner at your own home and showing off your photos to them until they're bored? Things have changed dramatically in this era. Now, you can update your friends and even strangers who follow you about every detail of your life in real time. It sounds creepy but that's how most Instagrammers function. 

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, there is a huge pressure on your back when it comes to living up to the pressure of Instagram. How do you keep up with top fashion bloggers who are constantly jet-setting? One day they're posting sunset shots of New York City and then the next they're posting photos of the gorgeous beaches in Cancun (with a cocktail in hand, of course!). Or, maybe they're rubbing elbows with fashion designers at a fashion gala? There is no doubt a seemingly unattainable standard that celebrities, models and other famous personalities have set for Instagram. 

Don't frown just yet. It is all but normal to feel that way. A tinge of envy is part of being human. But do I let it distract me from what is going on with my life? Even I can't manage to create the perfect flat lay. But who cares? 


Try these three methods that I've used to overcome the inherent pressure that goes with maintaining an Instagram account:

1 – I do what pleases me.

Much of the social media struggle hinges on the need for validation, for social approval. I have let go of that idea when managing my social media accounts. I do whatever pleases me. I post whatever I like or enjoy doing. I refuse to be dictated by what would consider others click the ‘like’ button. I have attained a certain level of belief in myself that my existence is not validated by a mere ‘like’ or ‘follow’. In this social media era, it is understandably easy to be consumed by this type of appreciation but do not let it define you.

2 – I follow whoever I like.

This is another healthy step to overcoming the pressure of a seemingly glamorous social media life. Choose to follow people you genuinely like. When you follow someone because of their gorgeous photos or awesome flatlays, you could be easily swayed to look life through an ideal. You will look up to them as the ideal and be frustrated when you can’t live up to that standard. Instead, I follow people for the genuineness and for the stories that each photo has to say.

3 – I try not to spend too much time on Instagram.

On an average, I probably post 3-4 times a week on Instagram (or once a day at most). I do the occasional flooding of posts when I’m on a roll. But I try to live my life, not live a life that would look good on social media. There is a huge difference!

Have you ever felt the pressure to craft an idealized version of your life on social media, particularly Instagram?

Officially Wifey

I confess: I bought this sweater top a few months before tying the knot and I waited (albeit impatiently) after the wedding for me to wear it. Today, I am happily strutting around with this top on. It is yet another evidence of my growing love for graphic tees and tops!

Top: Shein
Skirt: Rosewholesale (c/o)
Necklace: Mod & Soul (c/o)
Pumps: (similar)

I got this top from Shein for less than $15! Although it is a bit casual in style, I dressed it up with my new red jacquard midi skirt and statement necklace from Mod & Soul. This outfit screams feminine style, which is what I am all about. My obsession for midi skirts had been on for a while and I don't think it will end soon. I have a couple more in my wishlist that I can't wait to shop until my shopping ban is over. 

Which other wifeys out there got their own "Wifey" top?

Heads up: I got my skirt from Rosewholesale.com. When I placed my order, I picked two items (one of them is this skirt). When I received my package though, I only received one item. I tried contacting them about the other item and they told me I had to choose another one because my original order was unavailable or have run out of stock. This was no issue to me; I just wished they would have informed me prior to shipping my item. Customer service is important so I think that was a serious cause of concern that I want potential buyers to be wary of. The quality of the skirt is superb for its price though! I had the same issue with Jexshop - I ordered two items but only one arrived. I followed up about the other item, but got no response and it's been over three months and still no news. Again, beware!

Links à la Mode, January 28
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10 Designer Dresses for Valentine's

Are you one of those who like to go big on Valentine's Day celebration? If you are, then you might be in the market for that perfect Valentine's Day outfit. I'll make it easy for you with these coveted cocktail dresses from top designers like Herve Leger and BCBG by Max Azria:

Herve Leger Cocktail Dresses
Herve Leger Embellished Dresses

BCBG Max Azria Cocktail Dresses
BCBG Max Azria Cocktail Dresses

Which of these designer dresses would you like to splurge on?

Weekend Wardrobe + Luxe Sale

The quintessential weekend wardrobe consists of casual tees or tops, effortless jeans and some laid back accessories. The idea is to look cool and comfortable so you can travel in style, for those who like to have a quick weekend getaway. I've already pictured the perfect weekend wardrobe in my mind and I'll help you plan your weekend outfits with these picks:

Cupcakes & Cashmere Mendocino Pullover / Rag & Bone Camden Long Sleeve Tee / Levi's Light Denim Shirt / Maison Scotch Button Up Boyfriend Shirt
Blank Denim Skinny Jeans / J Brand High Rise Skinny Jeans / Levi's 1960 606 Customized Jeans
White + Warren Cashmere Wrap Scarf / Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Saddle Bag / Granite Leather Hat / Aquazurra Lace Up Flats / Tory Burch Simone Cardigan

Good news! Shopbop is also having a designer SALE - get up to 25% off on select designer styles. It will end on January 21st, so grab this chance to save BIG! Shop the Luxe Sale now! You can see the exclusions and terms here

Which of these items are you packing for your next weekend getaway?

The Perfect Plaid

Finally! I've searched high and low for the perfect plaid top and the search has come to an end. I was inspired to get this purple plaid top after seeing it on Amy Ann of Straight A Style, which is one of my favorite bloggers by the way! (love her!!) She got hers from Oasap (also a favorite shop of mine) and I got this one from Shein

Top: Shein 
Jeans: Bench
Shoes: Shein

The use of purple on a plaid top is slightly unexpected but it totally works. I love the effortless chic and modern lumberjack vibe that this top exhibits. I decided not to go too crazy with styling this one - skinny jeans and pointed pumps did the work for me! As of now, I can tell that I'd be getting a lot of wear for this top. 

When was the last time you were inspired to buy something after seeing them on your favorite blogger?

6 Swimwear Sets To Die For

Since tying the knot, the husband and I haven't had the time to go on a honeymoon trip... mainly because we've been busy getting our house ready for moving in. We both did not anticipate it would be a lot of work. But much like the stress of wedding planning, we've been relishing this time of our lives. And going back to the topic of honeymoon, I wanted for us to go somewhere tropical. The last time I went to the beach was way back in May. It breaks my heart a little to say that. 

With the thought of a tropical vacation, I've been looking around for the perfect new bikini to wear for the trip. I stumbled upon To Die For Swimwear on Instagram and their swimwear options are literally to die for! Below are some of the adorable swimwear I've had my eye on:

KENZI - Naomi

Naomi - A black bikini is a classic, like an LBD (little black dress). It is quite a surprise to me how I haven't had a pair of black bikini yet. But this one comes with feminine and dainty lace details and a light push-up effect that I am seriously considering this one.

CARA - Carter Rose White
Cara Rose White - Aside from a classic black bikini, one of my all time favorite is a floral swimwear. I have a couple of floral bikinis but this one from To Die For comes with a pretty lace detail that is just too hard to resist!

Monday Lily / Gypsy - White
Monday Lily / Gypsy (White) - A triangle bikini top is my next favorite type of bikini top, next to bandeau. It provides optimal protection and quite sexy too. A white lace bikini is even better!

KENZI - Summer Breeze
KENZI - Summer Breeze - Blue is my all time favorite color and to see this bikini with lace is just irresistible. This one gets the husband's approval!

ZOE - Alexa

ZOE - Alexa - A pink bikini is not really something that would capture my fancy; however, this one comes with beautiful and delicate crochet details. Two words: too pretty.

Material Girl Braided / Viviene Braided
Material Girl / Viviene - Neoprene bikinis are the fad these days - and I love them! This one comes in a beautifully mixed and matched combination that easily stands out!

Good news! If you shop any of my picks, or your choice of swimwear from To Die For, you can use the code FASH_CHRONICLES upon checkout to get FREE shipping on your order! 

Which of these swimwear sets should I pick?