Cocktail Dress Shopping Guide

I love shopping for cocktail dresses. You can look for dresses that can be worn for a more formal occasion without losing the fun element of it. The best thing about cocktail dresses is that they can also be dressed down, such as for a wedding, or date nights (if you want to be a little fancy). 

When it comes to shopping for cocktail dresses, I often narrow down my selection into three types of dresses: LBDs, dresses with lace accents and chiffon dresses. These are the types of dresses that prove versatile enough to be worn on other occasions but can make quite an impression when worn on formal events. 

I've listed a few of my favorites from below:

Black Lace Cocktail Dress / Backless Cocktail Dress
Black Lace Dress / Beige Lace Dress
Black Chiffon Dress

If you want to see the website's entire Cocktail Dress selection, you can visit this link:

What is your go-to option for cocktail dresses?


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Blogger 101: Refresh Your Blogging Attitude

This year marks the 3rd year that I've had this blog. The thought inspired nostalgia. It has been fascinating to look back on the past years that I've had this blog; looking back on my earlier posts, I often cringe and maybe feel slightly embarrassed with some of my posts. But then I give myself a pat in the back because looking back also made me realize how far I've gone. Hey, we all had to start somewhere!

At the same time, the earlier years of blogging provided a wonderful insight into my blogging attitude. I was blogging for me. I wasn't out to impress anyone. There was no inherent pressure at all. Today, the growth of the blog has added pressure of trying to "maintain" the integrity of the brand. There is also an added pressure of coming up with regular posts. Although this pressure has not pushed me to the point of having to take a blog break, it is no doubt a lot of work! 

It is therefore important to constantly refresh your blogging attitude. It makes the experience of blogging novel. It also fights any boredom that might arise from having to constantly brainstorm ideas. 

Step Outside the Comfort Zone. Weariness from blogging can often arise from doing the same thing over and over again. Introduce novelty in your blog, not just in terms of the posts you write but also in the processes you use. Read other fashion bloggers who exhibit style that is totally different from yours or the ones you normally read. This could spark up a new idea that will inspire you to try something different in yours. Your readers will appreciate your effort to change things up.

Share Blogger Love. One of the things I loved about blogging is the opportunity to meet new people outside of geographical boundaries. This is the best thing about the world wide web - I can talk and be friends with someone from halfway across the globe where I live! In fact, there are a few bloggers that I have gotten close to such as Janine from A Blissful Blog (who is based in Cebu), or Lauren from Exploring My Style. I love both of these ladies' styles and the fact that we've had conversations online. I would love to meet them one day!

Stop Comparing. According to a quote I once read, "comparison is the thief of joy". Therefore, do not discredit your own blog success by comparing yourself to another blogger. We all have different timelines to follow in our blog journey. Just because someone got to where you want to be first, it does not mean that you haven't made any progress. Give yourself credit where credit is due. If you look back, you will be inspired to keep pushing forward. 

What other tips can you add to refresh blogging attitude? How do you keep yourself motivated?


Blooming Beauty

Any excuse I can use to wear floral, I'll take it. I told you I wasn't kidding when I said I love floral, so pardon please if you're getting sick of seeing me style floral pieces because I can't promise it will stop soon. This is one of my favorite floral dresses to date. It's from Brenda-Shop, which is another Asian-based online fashion website. 

Dress: Brenda-Shop (c/o) / Shoes: Shein (similar) / Watch: Rumba Time via Shopbop / Necklace: Rings & Tings (c/o)

The gorgeous floral print got me excited when I saw this dress. The beautiful color combination and the prints stood out for me. However, the neckline was one other detail that captured my eye. It has a vintage feel to it that I loved. Hence, I kept the accessories to a minimum because I wanted the dress to be the focal point of this look. (As a bonus, you can get 20% off on their editor's picks items here.)

Speaking of accessories, I got my watch from Shopbop and it's from RumbaTime. I am loving this brand because they have an affordable range of watches, which was the perfect choice for me as I was looking for an everyday watch. It's a no-fuss watch made with silicone band and comes with a beautifully feminine blush strap. 

How was your weekend?


Storewide Sale: Shein

It's another Shein sale! This fashion website always have a few surprises up its sleeve and this time out they are having a site-wide sale to help you stock up on a few more fall essentials. Some of my coveted pieces right now include the retro button front skirts, leather jackets, long sleeve dresses and sweaters! Check out the items on sale at Shein!

1 / 2
1 / 2
1 / 2
1 / 2

Spotted any favorites from my picks above? If not, you can see the rest of the items on sale here. Grab your faves now - this sale ends Oct 27th!


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Halloween Accessories from Wigsbuy

In the Philippines, we don't make such a big fuss about Halloween as with other holidays (like Christmas or New Year). However, I won't deny that I find coming up with unique Halloween looks fun and a great way to incite creativity. Thankfully, creating the look you want is now easier with access to online shops like that offers fast shipping wigs, hair accessories, etc. 

With the right tools, you can unleash your creativity and create multiple looks. Whether you are looking to try something cute and fun, or scary, you will find these accessories useful for your Halloween costume:

Hair Accessories

Get these hair accessories and other fun accessories to amp up your Halloween look here:


Try out these fun wigs for your Halloween costume or other cheap wigs at fast shipping: 

What costume are you going for in this year's Halloween? You can see the rest of these wigs at:


Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post; however, the opinion expressed are my own.