Double Denim

Top c/o Twinkledeals
Pants from Shein
Shoes c/o Zaful
Earrings c/o Twinkledeals (available in 3 other colors)
Watch c/o Uncle Jack

A denim on denim look might be a classic trend. However, it can be a tricky beast. I have seen it on other fashion bloggers and celebrities but I never dared wear this trend... until now. When I got this ruffled denim off shoulder top from Twinkledeals, I instantly had this denim on denim look in mind. I am not embarrassed to admit it either that this has been my go-to outfit lately.

SHOP THIS LOOKTop c/o Twinkledeals
Pants from Shein
Shoes c/o Zaful
Earrings c/o Twinkledeals (available in 3 other colors)
Watch c/o Uncle Jack

One of the reasons why it took me so long to give this trend a try is because I wasn't quite sure how to pull it off. But over many years of studying trends and taking fashion inspirations from fellow bloggers, I have come to the realization that the key to pulling off the denim on denim look is through balance. In this outfit, for example, I paired the classic blue denim ruffled top with an edgier pair of distressed black skinny denim. Plus, there is something about distressed denim that works so well with a denim on denim style. But if you want to rock the double denim trend like a true 'it' fashion girl, you can go for one denim piece (such as a denim top or jacket) that has embellishments on it, like fur accents or embroidery. Small details add something fun to the classic staples that we all have come to love and rely on!

Another trick that I have incorporated with this double denim look is the addition of the unexpected but fun accessories. Case in point: my red tassel earrings. Not only does it add a fun element to the look but it also brings a pop of color.

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Have you tried the denim on denim trend?

xo, Abby

Re-purposed Maxi

How much do I love maxi skirts (and dresses)? Let me count thee ways... 1 - they're comfortable, 2 - they're stylish, 3 - they are easy to re-wear! Today's look is a repurposed version of the same maxi skirt you've seen me style here. Coral is easily one of my favorite colors to wear. It adds a pop of color to an outfit without being too loud.

Top: Shein (less than $10!) 
Skirt: old 
Sandals: AMI Clubwear (c/o)

This Best Dressed tee is from Shein, by the way. I've scored a ton of great deals from this website and this shirt is just one of them. I bought it for less than $10! To add some edgy twist to the look, my gladiator sandals from AMI Clubwear is my choice of footwear. These three pieces are such good investments - they can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces. The good thing about each item is that they can act as a focal or accent piece in an outfit.

What is one item in your closet that gets the most wear?

The Belt Trick

Dress c/o Shein
Watch: Rumbatime
Bag: Kate Spade
Sandals: Splendid
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

I always like to discover new ways to wear and style dresses or clothing items that I already own. Hence, I was excited to try out adding a belt to this maxi dress that I own (and already featured here). It's no question that I loved the relaxed fit of this maxi dress, causing me to dub it as the comfiest maxi I've ever owned. But I like to add a belt into the mix as well to cinch the waist and give it more shape when worn.

Dress: Shein (c/o)
Bag: Kate Spade
Sandals: Splendid
Watch: Rumbatime
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

To complete the look, I wore the belted dress with my wedge sandals and Kate Spade tote to create a more dressed up look. I wear this maxi dress with thong sandals and flats a lot but dressing it up would be a nice change too. For cooler months, I could also toss in a light denim jacket for layering.

Have you tried the belt trick yet?

4 Reasons This Top is a Summer Must-Have!

Pants from Shein
Fringe Bag c/o Twinkledeals
Earrings c/o Rosegal
Heels from Mendrez

Off shoulder has been on the top of the fashion scene for a while now. When it first made its way into the market, I couldn't help gushing about it. A year later, it is still very much visible and sought after in the fashion industry, whether you are a blogger or not. But if there is one other trend that I cannot get enough of, it's the statement sleeve trend. Specifically, I love how bell sleeves add to ANY outfit...

Top c/o Yoshop
Pants from Shein
Fringe Bag c/o Twinkledeals
Earrings c/o Rosegal
Heels from Mendrez

The triad of my favorite things to wear makes this top one of my new favorites: floral, bell sleeves and off shoulder! Yoshop easily won me over with this one! But let me tell you exactly why it's worth the investment:

1 - Classic Floral Print. If you still only wear floral in the summer or spring, you have some catching up to do. It is a classic print that can be worn any time of the year! With the classic floral print on this top, it is so easy to transition even on cooler months!

2. Comfortable Fit. While I do love off shoulder tops, I hate it when the garter around the shoulders are too tight that they slide up, causing me to constantly have to pull the top down. I haven't encountered any of these issues with this top thus far.

3 - Versatile. It is versatile, as most other floral pieces are! I dressed it up a little in this look with the heels but I can also picture myself wearing it with shorts or sandals! 

4 - Affordable! You wouldn't believe how much I got this top for! It is such a good deal considering how beautiful the print is and how comfortable it is to wear!

What is your favorite trend for summer?

xo, Abby

10 Reasons to NOT Follow Me on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media for bloggers and influencers. It is an image-based social media wherein you can share your most beautiful flatlays and outfit photos... in case you are a blogger. It took me a long time before I decided to hop in the bandwagon. When I did, it did not take long until I got hooked. I could spend hours and hours scrolling through my Instagram feed until either my phone battery drained or I snoozed, whichever came first. 

Ironically, the same things that made Instagram appealing is the primary reason why I lost interest over it. As a blogger, I felt like there was a certain duty to update my posts regularly and post pristine photos or flatlays. It felt more like a chore than a creative outlet, which was supposed to be the case. Hence, I wrote this post about Instagram sometime last year. I decided to get candid about my thoughts on Instagram and what I didn't like about it. 

I am, in no way, discouraging you to join the social media or stay active in it. To each his/her own, as they say. But I just felt like the authenticity has waned down. I still adapted the tips that I've pointed out in that same article to myself, such as posting for me and the things that matter to me (except of course a few styled shoots and brand collaboration posts). Other than that, I am not going to beat myself up trying to get that flatlay perfect.

Well, that's enough blabber, let's get on to the 10 reasons to NOT follow me on Instagram: 

10. I don't have a marbled tile countertop... nor can I convince my husband to have our kitchen renovated. 

9. I eat my food before I get to even take a overhead photo. And in most cases, even when I do get a photo, I've managed to take at least one bite.

8. I don't get to take photos of my ice cream while I'm eating it before it starts to melt.

7. I never (or very rarely) use fresh flowers as props for my styled shoots. It's too expensive to buy fresh ones all. the. freaking. time.

6. I don't take mirror selfies. It's because I don't have a fully body mirror and the background will almost always be a mess.

5. I don't have photos of me drinking my coffee in bed. I don't trust myself enough to not spill on the sheets.

4. I don't have photos of the wing of an airplane whenever I travel. It's either 1) I forget to do so or 2) I would rather doze off. 

3. I still suck at my flatlay game. Unless I can get another use for a white board (other than for flat lays), I won't buy myself one.

2. When traveling, I rarely post real-time updates of my #travelgoal worthy destinations. I prefer to enjoy the moment as it is! 

1. I don't post workout selfies! To be honest though, who would want to take selfies of their sweaty selves post-workout? I don't!

Are you into Instagram? What are your thoughts about this social media? If despite of these all you still want to go ahead and follow me, you can do so here.

Stay in Touch!

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10 Colorful Statement Earrings to Spice Up Your Summer Outfits

Statement earrings, like statement necklaces, are an integral part of my style. I have a huge collection of them because I turn to them if I want to dress up my look without the need to go for dressy pieces. The addition of these accessories can visibly transform any outfit in an instant, even when you are wearing a tee or shorts. The array of new statement accessories are bolder than ever. It seems that "the brighter and larger, the better!" is the new concept when it comes to designing statement earrings. I'm not complaining though.

Below are some of my favorite types of earrings and those that I currently covet to spice up any summer outfit: 

Tassel Earrings

Pendant Drop Earrings

Druzy Earrings

Chandelier Earrings

Shop my picks for colorful statement earrings for summer...

Tassel and Ring Drop Earrings
Geometric Embroidery Tassel Earrings
Circle Tassel Hoop Earrings
Shimmy Tassel Earrings in Dark Pink
Gold and Mauve Tassel Earrings
Tassel Drop Earrings in Yellow
Fiesta Pom Statement Earrings
The Austin Earring
Colorful Tassel Chandelier Earrings
Bubble Gum Chacha Earrings

xo, Abby

Foolproof Special Occasion Outfit Formula

Top c/o Zaful
Skirt c/o Rosegal
Shoes from CLN PH
Handbag from Kate Spade
Earrings c/o Rosegal
Bell Sleeve Scallop Hem Lace Top / Buttoned Keyhole Lace Top / Keyhole Back Long Sleeve Lace Blouse / Pink Bell Sleeve Lace Top / White Cutout Choker Lace Top

In case you didn't already know, I have a weak spot for feminine styles and pieces. Take lace and midi skirts, especially blush ones, for example. In addition to being extra feminine, I also like how they add a polished look to an outfit. This look is therefore my choice for a special occasion outfit. 

Top c/o Zaful
Skirt c/o Rosegal
Shoes from CLN PH
Handbag from Kate Spade
Earrings c/o Rosegal
Kate Spade James Street Shaylee / Kate Spade Hayden Crossbody Pink / Kate Spade Emerson Place Lenia / Kate Spade Hayden Crossbody Black
The combination of this burgundy lace top and blush midi skirt wasn't pre-meditated. I just experimented with this pairing and I'd like to think that it worked out beautifully. I love the combination of colors and how the feminine pieces complement each other. But if you are not into the ultra feminine touch that these two pieces bring to an outfit, there are a few other outfit formulas you can try.

Mini or Cocktail Dress + Classic Pair of Heels

A cocktail dress such as an LBD is going to give you that polished look with little effort at styling. Hence, this is the perfect choice for special occasions, especially those events with a semi-formal theme. Toss in a classy pair of nude or black heels into the mix to add more polish to your outfit.

Dressy Maxi + Heeled Sandals


For a special occasion with a more casual theme, you can go for a maxi dress paired with a heeled sandal. This is my go-to option for casual summer weddings, for example. You need to be extra careful when choosing the maxi dress you wear for the event though. Avoid the overly vibrant print like florals and geometric patterns. If possible, choose solid colors and stick to feminine silhouettes. 

Full Length Gown


For a black-tie affair, a full length gown is your best bet. There is nothing better to exemplify a special occasion look than a floor length dress. 

What is your go-to formula for special occasions?

xo, Abby