Life Lately: First Vacation of 2014

The first quarter of 2014 is almost coming to a wrap. I was lucky to be able to go on my first trip for the year even before summer officially kicked off. It was a complete year since the last time I went on a vacation (bummer, I know) because the boyf and I had to focus on more important priorities during the latter half of 2013. But since that is out of the way now and before we proceed to the next, more important step, I felt like we deserve even a short break.

1. We discovered a new Japanese restaurant...and loved it! Well, technically, we love any Japanese cuisine restaurant. But this is a new one and we did not really plan our dine there. I was excited to find that they offer really good, authentic Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. A new favorite added to our long list.

2. A new red dress to add to my closet. I feel like this is a new obsession. When I see red on the rack, I tend to grab it quickly. I was more than happy when the boyf decided to buy this red dress for me. You can check the entire post here!

3. Flew with a few friends to Cebu, the Queen City of the South. We then traveled for a few hours to the island of Bantayan. It was totally worth the long travel. Beautiful island. It might be badly hit by Typhoon Yolanda but the beauty of this island was undeniable.

4. Whenever I visit a new place, I always make sure to sample their cuisine. I went on a food trip and while my waist might not be too happy about it, at least my taste buds and tummy were.

5. A low-key weekend after a long vacation is a must. This past weekend, we opted to have date night in and watched a few movies. Ice cream is customary with this hot weather!

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What are you up to lately? Any big plans this weekend?


When it comes to shopping and fashion, I never hold back. There might be certain instances in life when I hold back but it rarely applies in fashion. When I like love something, I go after it!

That is how I felt about this dress. When I first saw this online, it did not instantly win me over like most of the dresses that I do have in my closet. It's undeniable that the color drew me in. But I had been leaning towards more practical buys as of late - and that means investing on pieces that I can re-wear or re-mix with several other pieces. It also means investing in dresses that could be easily transitioned from day to night. 

However, it seems as though I've completely neglected all these golden shopping rules I have set for myself with this purchase. This dress, albeit dramatic, is not the most practical buy. It is hot like hell in this part of the world and that means I would only probably be able to wear this one during the night or on colder days. Plus, it will probably require a bit more creative flair to mix and match with other pieces. 

And yet, there is no single ounce of doubt in my body when I donned this dress. The fabric is cotton so it is ultra comfortable. The fabric also clings to the body without hugging it too much - it provides just the right amount of shape.


Taffeta Blouses from TBDress: Summer Essential

Are you tired of the same old summer style you’ve been sporting year in and year out? Should you always have to stick with the basic tank tops to feel and look comfortable? There is no reason to because with’s wide range of options, you can stay on top of the latest style trends while keeping cool during summer.

Taffeta blouses isn’t something that I would normally wear. But newer styles and colors are available online that enables you to pick a style that would suit your preference. Today, taffeta blouses are no longer just relegated to women in their 40s or 50s because you can don these styles in a fun and youthful way.

Check out these beautiful designs of taffeta blouses for you to see for yourself: You can even find yourself equally stylish tea length skirts to pair those with:

Speaking of fun colors, I love the fact that TBDress’ range of taffeta blouses are available in fun and vibrant colors. I gravitate more towards bold prints and colors lately; hence, I knew that these fun options would easily capture my eyes. Check out these fun taffeta blouses to add into your summer wardrobe:

What is your pick for a hot summer style?


Dressed Up Casual

Just when I thought I've had enough floral in my closet, here goes another one! I don't know what it is about floral that really draws me. But here is one that I can point you to - it is a versatile piece. Floral never goes out of trend. You can wear it any year and in any time of the year.

This new floral piece might be a sundress but I opted to wear it for an evening date. It is a balloon type dress so it gave a casual but bubbly aura into the look. Since I was set for an evening date, I wanted to glam it up a bit. And that's when I decided to pair it with a blazer to give this casual sundress a dressed up touch. A sleek ponytail completed the ensemble. You won't believe how much time it took to put this outfit together!

What did you think of my dressed up casual look?


4 Must-Have Short Dresses via TBDress

I am one who can't turn down any opportunity to buy or wear a dress. It is a fresh and easy way to dress casually. I am especially fond of short dresses. When I checked out the new range of dresses available at, I started mentally taking notes of dresses that I could possibly add into my closet. Just look at these: and these:

Here are a few dresses that I am particularly eyeing:

Love the pattern and color in this dress! A few years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something as vibrant as this. But now, I am drawn to them.

The color is the main reason why I love it. Plus, the fabric looks fresh and comfy, too. Two elements that you ought to be looking for in a dress with the hot weather on the horizon.

Stripes is a classic favorite for me! You can never go wrong with stripes.

I love the versatility of this dress. It looks like something you can wear at the beach or date night with friends. When you can describe a dress as versatile, that's a good investment in my book.

Are you particularly fond of short dresses for summer?