It's Almost My Birthday

Only one more day until my birthday and I am stoked. This has been a great year and I can't believe it's been a year since the last one (time flies, cliche as it sounds!). I've organized a simple dinner at home with my family, like I always do. I'd much prefer to be having a simple dinner with them than going out or doing something else.

While I am out to celebrate this special day (also our sixth anniversary today!), I'd like to share to you a few memories from my celebration last year. I had a pool party with my family at a nearby clubhouse and hosted dinner at home after that.


Be sure to comment in on what you're up to lately, love to hear them! xoxo

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The Little Black Dress

You know you're not getting any younger when most of your friends are getting married. Browsing through some old photos, I stumbled into an album taken during my friend's wedding May of last year. She is one of my closest friends and we'd been tight since high school. I was shocked when I first learned she is getting married but is happy with the beautiful family that she has now.

Today, I will be showcasing the little black dress that I wore for the said event. I kept it casual because this was a rather simple and intimate gathering of her closest friends, co-workers, and relatives. I purchased this striped, two-toned LBD from Jorgy N Missy. I paired this dress with accessories I bought from SM - both the cufflinks and the chandelier earrings. Meanwhile, I wore matching black flats that I bought from So! Fab.

This was such a fun day for me and my friends as we had a mini-reunion. We even went to a local KTV bar after the reception so we can have some videoke, too. Ahh, those times!

How'd you like the look? How do you pick what to wear when attending a wedding?

Fashion Collage

I've hauled quite a few things over the past few months but could hardly keep up with my outfit post to feature my new purchases here. Thus, I would like to do a quick update on what I've been up to as of late.

Check out after the jump for what I had been up to these past few weeks:

Obsessing over my pink pedi and matching pink wedges.

   Crushing on coral... adding the first coat :)

 Post-Halloween party (I'm the one in far right)!

Spooky Halloween... this is as spooky as I can get!

Fash Bargain: Love Diva 6-Set Stud Earrings (watch out for my feature post on this soon!)

New gym shoes :D

How's everything going where you are?

Bowling Day

Note: This is a late post.

A few months back, the boyf and I went to a local bowling alley (B3 at NCCC Mall) because we both wanted to give bowling a shot. I admit, it was a nerve-wracking experience because it was my first time. But we were anticipating to have some good time and that is exactly what we got. I never thought bowling was that hard! It sure does look quite easy to me - apparently not!

I wore the blue, floral cropped top that I got from Sophia's Closet and paired it with my gray tank top underneath (I was not ready to show a bare midriff just yet, LOL). This is more like my casual Saturday date getup, really. I like to keep things casual and comfy. 

As we went into the bowling alley, I was made to wear these unattractive shoes (oops! no euphemism for that). But I can't deny these are really comfy. Check out below to see the shoes I'm talking about and the rest of my ensemble...

After bowling, we had dinner at Swiss Deli and it was truly a wonderful dine. They have great food and service!

Before leaving, I had this pic of me taken at their landmark. You can see it at my About Me page, too.

Have you tried bowling before? Was it as fun as my experience?  

Elie Saab Spring 2013 Collection: My Fash Picks

In the world of fashion, very few designers consistently deliver quality and revolutionary pieces that are capable of starting a trend. One of them is Elie Saab, whose designs had been seen worn by many celebrities and A-listers on the red carpet. I can’t blame them – this Lebanese designer always pulls off some tricks off of his sleeve, causing the rest of the fashion industry to take notice. Case in point: the Spring 2013 collection from the designer house.

I love the monochromatic designs that are a combination of edgy, fun, and dramatic. I’ve been drooling at the pics from the runway so I might as well share my top picks to you here. 

Love the color and the cut. It is the perfect choice for daywear. Who says designer creations are perfect only for the runway?


I’m obsessing over the patterns. This dress can surely turn a few heads, too.

Such bold color. And the sophisticated vibe it gives off.

Perfect for an evening soiree or gathering. It also creates the illusion of a silhouette and curves, even when you don’t have it.

Just gorgeous.

What a statement wear!

To view the entire Elie Saab Spring 2013 collection, you can visit here. Which of these are your favorite? 


*All images credit to

Celebrity Fash Fave & Fashion Faux Pas

It's been a while since I've last had my fashion fave and faux pas on my blog, and I feel like I have a little catching up to do. I've seen many fantastic appearances over the past few weeks, such as Lauren Cohan's gorgeous orange leather peplum at the Walking Dead Season 3 premiere, Miranda Kerr at the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, and Lena Dunham at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (pardon my love for lace!).

But for this past week, I've picked my favorite and choice for the worst-dressed. Read on..

Fash Fave 

 I have two picks for my fash favorites this week simply because I cannot pick which I liked better of the two hot looks by two young stars - Selena Gomez and Emma Stone.

Let's start with Selena Gomez. She was honored the Woman of the Year trophy at the Glamour Woman of the Year event last week because of her efforts for UNICEF as their youngest ambassador. The 20-year-old was all smiles despite rumors of her recent breakup with pop star ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Duh. I mean, she never looked better in this Giambattista Valli peplum dress. What do you think?

On the other hand, there's my favorite Emma Stone. I simply think she is turning out to be a fashion icon in her own rights. She can do nothing wrong in terms of fashion. She has had some breathtaking looks recently, but this one topped them. Check out her look while attending CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards 2012. And how pretty is that trench coat? 

Image: Getty images
Fashion Faux Pas

While these youngsters are rocking their fashion, Heidi Klum seems to have gone downhill. This isn't the first time that I have featured her here (sadly, as Fashion Faux Pas both times), but how can I help it? Look at this outfit (one of many, by the way) that she wore to the recent 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Talk about tacky. 

What did you think of my picks? Any other favorite looks? Share them below.


Tuesday Ten: Fash Holiday Wishlist

The holiday season is just around the bend. Thus, I thought about creating my own wishlist for the holidays as early as now to beat the holiday rush. And yes, that means I am eager to start my holiday shopping. Hopefully, the boyf gets to read this too so he can help me fulfill my wishlist, lol.

10. Candy bagThese things are just too cute. The more colorful they are, the better.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note II. Just because.

8. My first peplum dress. I don't currently have one but I am digging this trend so much, I am looking to finally get one. Seeing Lauren Cohan's gorgeous leather peplum during the Walking Dead Season 3 premiere made me fall in love.

7. Pink + Yellow Converse. I've never been a sneakers girl, but I want to own one. Getting myself as a gift, then.

6. Lace dress. Yes, as if I haven't got enough in my closet already.

image: Free People
 5. Uber cute bow ring from Posh Locket. To die for.

4. Peachy Rose Studs from Love Diva. I already have the pink one, but I am crushing on this, too.

3. Resistance bands in green or red. It's almost a year since I've had my gym membership and I plan on continuing that until next year. And these bands are my new best friend.

2. New set of workout clothes. Who says you can't workout in style?

1. Floral/colorful blazer. I had been looking for the perfect blazer for some time now, but to no avail. Anything colorful and vibrant will do for me, such as this...

What's on your holiday wishlist? Are you as eager as I am to kickstart the holiday shopping spree?

Fash Love: Basic Black Flats

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of pumps and wedges. But I also have a decent amount of  ballet flats and doll shoes in my shoe collection. The main reason being that flats are extremely girly and versatile. You can wear it with shorts or a dress for that casual yet chic look. That is why I like buying them in basic colors such as black and nude to ensure that I can pair them with anything. And don't even get me started on how comfortable they are!

I just recently purchased a brand new doll shoes into my collection of flats. It is a basic black and comes with sequins for a dash of glamour. When I saw this on the rack, I knew I had to get it. A few days ago, I wore it with leggings and my striped black and white top. Would you believe I wore this to work (put on a blazer though and then took it off after work to turn it into a casual street style). Also, it was rather hot outside that night so it made perfect sense.

What's your favorite new purchase? Any styling ideas for a black ballet flat? Don't forget to leave a comment.