One Dress, Two Ways

I have recently challenged myself to use creativity in wearing the items already in my closet so that I can tone down my impulsive shopping ways. Glad that my efforts are paying off, though, because it has been over a month since my last purchase (hurray for that!). 

If you can recall from my previous post here and here, I've been all about re-wearing my clothes and letting my creativity take over. I'm so glad to know that I can actually survive without buying something new all the time given my already heaping closet. It's actually funny that I stumble onto other bloggers that were also having the same dilemma of having a full closet but feeling like you have nothing to wear. Glad I am not alone in this battle. HAHA

And so I decided to chronicle the same blue skater dress that I've featured in the past and showcase a different way that I've styled it. The previous style showcase was very simple and subtle. I wanted the dress to become the focal point of my outfit. But this time around, I played it up a bit with a multi-colored bauble necklace, white cardigan, and open-toe nautical flats. I feel like the second look is more feminine and delicate. 

What do you think of my reinvented look?

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Tuesday Ten: Color Crush

Wearing color is a fun way to spice up your outfit. It can do amazing things to your skin tone and overall appearance, depending on your choice of color to wear. Not surprisingly, I always consider color whenever shopping for new items. In some cases, I go for solid colored tops and dresses because they tend to create simple but sophisticated style statements. 

If you're looking to add some color to your closet (pun intended), you might want to check out these solid colored dresses I found over at Lulu's:

Left to right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Left to right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
 Which of these colorful frocks are you crushing on?

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My Week in Photos

This week has been crazy busy for me. I also commemorated my blog's first anniversary at the start of this week so maybe I can use that excuse to take some time off blogging? But there hasn't been a single day that I did not check comments or wonder about my next outfit post. LOL. Before I creep you out, I want to share some of the highlights for me this past week. Can you believe August is almost over? Time flies, cliche as it sounds, has been the story of my life.

1.) Started the week with my dad's birthday celebration. My mom and I were planning this weeks ahead and were more than happy with how the event turned out. Lots of relatives from both sides came over to join us in the celebration. Food + family = FUN!!!

2.) Indulged in some foodie treats at a local food festival, aka Davao Gourmet Collective. The boyf and I both love food so on our free time we try to explore new foodie destinations in town. This food festival was a convenient way for us to sample several local and artisan food treats in one place.

3.) Added a new set of bracelets to my growing accessories collection. Got these white and aqua crystal bracelets from boyf's mom. Love that they're simple, easy to style, and goes with basically anything!

4.) This isn't an entirely freshly manicured set of nails. But I can't stop staring at my nails. Haha! When in doubt... go for French tip!

5.) Got a text from a friend in the middle of the week for a meetup. I was more than happy to oblige. We caught up over Middle Eastern cuisine.

What were you up to this past week?

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Fash Find: Ladies' Suits

This year, ladies' suits had made appearances on the red carpet more than ever. It has come to signify a bold, powerful, and strong woman without losing that sexy vibe. Hence, I always admire seeing women wear the ladies suits, especially the ones paired with shorts, because they always look fab, regardless of color or texture. 

You can only imagine my excitement when I spotted these sexy ladies' suits at Express as I was out doing some online window shopping yet again. I can't help but gush over how sexy these are! Don't tell me you don't think so, okay? See for yourself...
Clockwise: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Are you a fan of the ladies' suit?

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Happy First Blogversary!

As I am typing this, my thoughts are running all over the place. I can't believe it has been one full year since I started this blog. It sure did feel longer with so many things that've happened yet I am also surprised that time flew by as fast as it did! Needless to say, this blog has grown immensely. I have met a lot of bloggers from various parts of the world and have explored on my own styles, too, as inspired by what I've seen and read from these other fabulous ladies I've met along the way.

To celebrate my blog's first anniversary, I would like to relive the past year's top posts and some of my favorites. I hope you join along for the ride. Here are my top ten picks: 

10. My very first outfit post. Before this blog started, I'm typically very shy in front of the camera. I would feel conscious looking at my own photos and is not hiding the fact that I am not photogenic. But as time went on, and as I got more into exploring different fashion choices, taking photos of myself came out naturally. It also helps to have an ever supportive guy willing to cope with my fashion blog photoshoot moments. 

 9. Casual weekend outfit ideas. For someone who always looks forward to the weekends to unwind, enjoy some date night with the main guy, or simply have some time off from work, I still make it a point to look chic and fab when I go out! Loved exploring many fashion inspirations from Polyvore with this one.

8. Receiving my Liebster Award! I am all for bloggers supporting each other within the community and me receiving this award was heart-warming because it was the first one I got since I started venturing into fashion blogging. 

7. I might start sounding like a broken record but I can't contain my love for sheer. Since this trend hit the scene, I not only hopped onto it but latched on it as if my life depended on it! I'm sure a lot would agree with me that sheer is comfy, versatile, and easy to wear.

6. Mustard is one of those colors that dominate my closet. I always feel compelled to pick one off the rack when I am doing my shopping. Am I the only one who thinks mustard deserve a spot in everyone's closet? Watch how I wore this color here and here.

5. I am a self-confessed girly girl. So when I tossed my sandals and heels for some Chucks, the boyf could not help but take pics, prompting an OOTD post.

4. The boyf and I aren't particularly gifted with the ability to be creative when it comes to gift-giving. I, myself, would like to be practical when it comes to buying stuffs for people that I love. To my delight, the boyf opted to shop for me on my birthday. This sea green blazer I picked up from Mags is one of several favorite birthday gifts that I got from him. Love it!  

3. For more than half my life, I have sported the long hair. When I recently decided to go short, out of some random inspiration, I almost freaked out! But I was glad with how it turned out. Got lots of compliments for my new, short 'do too!

2. Apart from our anniversary, the boyf's birthday is my most anticipated day of the year. This year was just as special - it turned out better than I had hoped! Every year, it's my goal to make his birthday better than the previous one. And according to him, I'm doing a great job!

1. Since we first got to travel together, the boyf and I had made it a commitment to travel somewhere we've both never been before at least once a year. So far, so good! This Palawan trip is definitely going down as one of my favorite vacations to date (along with Boracay). It's definitely my favorite memory from 2013 so far, too. For next year, we're contemplating Caramoan Islands or an overseas trip to KL. Either way, I'm sure it's going to be a blast!

Hope to see you again here! It's been fun sharing my fashion adventures with you!

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