Happy Valentine's Day

Hello, ladies! I know it's Valentine's Day today, February 14, and most of you might have something special in store later in the day. However, I have quite a busy day so the boyf and I have skipped the celebration tonight and would instead pursue our plans this weekend. We're not the hopeless romantic types, though, so it'll probably be something simple yet intimate. I will definitely share to you how it will go down. 

But for now, in commemoration of this special time of the year, I would like to share some memories from our Valentine's Day celebration over the past couple years. 

We had dinner at this beautiful garden, al fresco restaurant called Gardena Fresca during Valentine's 2011. We had seafood and grilled dishes for that night. After a hearty dinner, we head on over to a local carnival to enjoy some rides. The boyf was a little dizzy after a few rides but it was nonetheless a fun night for the two of us!

Last year, I blogged about my bowling experience with the boyf. It made our Valentine's Day celebration quite memorable because that was the first time that both of us tried bowling together. Then, we headed for dinner at Swiss Deli, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Davao City

Boyf is still mum about the plans this year. But if history suggests, it should be fun! 

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

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  1. You make such a cute couple! Happy Valentine´s!! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know!I am also hosting a giveaway. Kisses <3<3



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