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A beach wedding often comes to mind when you think about summer wedding. Personally, this is more like my kind of wedding. I am a self-confessed beach bum. And not forgetting to mention the fact that I have a low tolerance for cold weather. However, we're not here to talk about me so let us put that aside.

Beach weddings are such a fun event. It is a bit more casual than your usual wedding events. It is also more forgiving in terms of the dresses that guests wear to the occasion. The same is true with the bride's wedding gown. 

Choosing wedding dresses for beach can lean towards more on the casual-sexy styles. You can find a few of the selection here:

Here are some cute styles that I spotted over at

I do have a bias for strapless wedding gowns, I admit. But this particular dress has that sexy elegance about it. The front looks simple with minimal accents. But the back is what blew me away. It is open backed by the edges are lined with embellishments. Hence, it is not actually bare but it provides quite an alluring display. This is the kind of look that I envision is perfect for a beach wedding.

The A-line cut on this dress features the right combination of elegance and sensuality. The embellishment around the waist area also creates a visual illusion of shape and curve. But this dress reflects what I believe is an important component when choosing a beach wedding dress: it does not look all put together yet it exudes classic elegance.

Ball gown in a beach wedding? Some might think that it is a crazy idea, but when you have a dress that looks this good, why not? The tulle skirt and the elaborate detailing on the back make it look highly sophisticated. And yet, there is a cheerful vibe to the dress that makes it a good fit for a not so formal wedding setup. If you'd like to see more exquisite ball gowns, check this:

Are you a fan of beach weddings?


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  1. Oh, How I would love to get married again, just to wear one of those beautiful dresses!! Great post<3

    Thanks for visiting my blog Abigail!

    xo Erica

  2. I got married on the beach and it was amazing! I ended up just going with a white bridesmaids dress that just happened to come with a little train! It was perfect, exactly what I wanted, and so affordable since it was a bridesmaids dress!

  3. Beautiful dresses! I wouldn't do a beach wedding myself (more of an indoors or garden kind of a girl), but they are gorgeous to go to!

    Looking forward to following you!

  4. I loved getting married on the beach. My dress was quite traditional but I wore blue starfish flip flops. Great post.

  5. A beach wedding wasn't really for my husband and I, but I love them and think they can be really gorgeous and romantic!

  6. These dresses are so gorgeous!
    Just came across your blog and am now following via GFC.

    Xo, Elsa
    Mix and Match the F word

  7. I love these dresses are all so wonderful and pretty <3


  8. Beautiful dresses !!! very lovely dresses !!!
    Where would be your dream wedding ? :) Mine would be in Mexico beaches


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