February Style Remix {Houndstooth}

Quality buys for me signify items that I can remix and re-wear. I might have impulsive tendencies when it comes to shopping but I had put in my best effort to keep my shopping habits to within reasonable means. 

This houndstooth skirt is one of my favorite purchases from last year. It's a favorite because I'm obsessed with the pattern (the topmost reason) but also because it is comfortable and can be styled plenty of ways. That is what I love about B&W patterns.

This look for the day was a cross between casual and sexy. This buttoned down top is a good investment for me. I can style it in 10 different ways and you would not even realize I am wearing the same top. Check two other ways I've styled it here and here

I opted to style my hair in a bun to elicit a carefree vibe to the look. 

How's it going where you are? xx



  1. You can never go wrong with investing in button ups. There's so many possibilities with a good collection. You look fab!

  2. Love the skirt, you look great! x


  3. Such a cute skirt!

    Oby Grace

  4. You look great, Abby! Houndstooth is such a classic print :)

  5. Love how you styled that color with the houndstooth skirt! Gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  6. Blue and houndstooth! Why is this a combination I haven't thought of before. I really like the two together.

    P.S. Stopping by from the Trend Spin Link-Up

  7. A good button up is a must for me! I load up my wardrobe with with different colors and prints whenever I can..This look is very sexy!
    Stopping by from style session link up
    Willfully Elegant

  8. cobalt blue looks great with houndstooth! :)

  9. This is such a great outfit! I love the houndstooth print so much! Love your blog and thank you for stopping by mine!

    XO Courtney


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