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Days come and go when you are busy. Before you know it, Christmas is over and it won't be long until we start making gift guides for Valentine's Day. I don't always make such a big deal out of Valentine's but if there is one thing that I do not want to slouch on, it's my date outfit for that special occasion. Thankfully, Dressve is an all-in-one shop for all things fashion. Whether you're looking for a nice evening dress, some shoes to go with the outfit, accessories, or even gift ideas, you can find them all in one place at

A lace dress is my go-to favorite for date nights or similar occasions. It has the right balance of timeless elegance and delicateness with the sexy appeal of the fabric. However, I'd like to emphasize on the timelessness of the fabric making it able to withstand any trend. That right there is the making of a good investment piece in your closet. If you want to shop their lace dresses, you can browse here:

While you're at planning your Valentine's Day outfit, it might also be a good time to plan ahead your gift ideas. Get an early headstart on your Valentine's day shopping with these gift items:

How do you feel about lace dresses?


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  1. Beautiful dresses! Love the first one!


  2. Love lace!! That blue lace dress is simply gorgeous!! :)

  3. Such pretty dresses, love the white one ;)

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  4. These are gorgeous, I love the black lace dress

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. so many great dress. I don't do any thing special for valentines day.

  6. Love the 1st dress!!! Wishing you the best of the holidays too!!!


  7. I already saw Valentines stuff in a store!! Ugh, make it stop! :) Love, love these dresses! -xx



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